New Garage Door Installation in Ottawa

New Garage Door Installation Ottawa

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Need a New Garage Door Installation in Ottawa?

If you want a new overhead door for your home, don’t hesitate to call Garage Door Repair Doctors Ottawa!

Besides, a garage door installation requires intensive planning.

If you need help on what type of garage door you want, read more to find out.

We will guide you through different garage door types and when to call a garage door repair in Ottawa for an installation.

Different Garage Door Types

There are many garage doors available in the market.

No matter what type you prefer, you can easily find them online.

Note that each garage door type has its pros and cons.

Regardless; the best garage door will be the one you prefer.

Moreover, these are the types of garage doors you can find nowadays:

Steel Garage Door

Steel garage doors are some of the most durable types in the market than wood and fiberglass.

Furthermore, they can be customized according to every customer’s preference.

If you prefer a wood or vintage look for your garage door, a steel garage door offers this kind of design.

Aside from being customizable, they don’t easily break, warp or crack.

Hence, this type of door is easy to maintain.

However, the only issue with a steel garage door is it can be quite challenging to fix the damage, and the exterior paint may fade.

Wood Garage Door

A wood garage door is the most common and popular type.

Aside from being customizable, it naturally insulates your garage door.

However, it is expensive and susceptible to crack, moisture and damage since it’s sensitive to external and weather elements.

When you want a wood garage door for your home, note that you should take care of it to keep the panels looking good.

Fiberglass Garage Doors

Fiberglass garage doors are made of fiberglass sheets that are inserted between frames.

Hence, they are light and easy to install.

If you want a fiberglass door, you may want to take advantage of the translucent look it gives to your home curb appeal.

This is good news when you prefer natural light to enter into your garage.

Furthermore, they are pretty similar to steel in terms of durability.

They are also inexpensive.

However, they cannot withstand colder months as they break or crack easily.

When choosing the best garage door for your home, you must communicate it with an Ottawa garage door repair.

Or, watch this video to have more knowledge of garage door types.

When Do You Need An Installation?

Regardless of whether you have a new home or want to replace your damaged garage door, you need a new garage door installation in Ottawa.

Moreover, read more to know when you need an installation:

You Hear Noise and Vibration

A garage door that produces vibration and noise during the operation is terrible news.

It indicates you need to call a professional such as Garage Door Repair Doctors Ottawa for a new garage door installation in Ottawa.

This type of problem is probably due to damaged springs, bearings, or hinges.

A garage door spring replacement or parts repair might not be sufficient to silent your garage door.

You probably need to replace your old garage door.

Accumulated Damage

If your garage door is malfunctioning for a long time, the damage might be too much to handle for repairs.

Hence, you need an installation from a reputable Ottawa garage door repair.

Accumulated damage on the garage door means the parts are worn-out and the panels are damaged.

For this reason, you need to buy a new garage door if the damage has existed for a while.

After all, repairs are more expensive than replacement when dealing with this type of problem.

You Want to Change the Look of Your Home

Damages on the garage door are not only the reason why you need a new one.

You can also avail of a new garage door installation in Ottawa if you want to change or improve your home’s look.

Fortunately, there are many different garage doors available in the market.

You can choose between wood, steel, aluminum, or fiberglass.

You Want to Save on Energy Bills

Spiking energy bills indicates your garage door has poor insulation.

Modern garage doors offer insulation, and installing this feature is the right choice if you want to save on energy bills.

Replace your old one with an insulated garage door.

Call Garage Door Repairs Doctor Ottawa to install it for you!

Need a Garage Door Installation?

It’s imperative to know that when your garage door is old, it does not insulate, and causes problems; you need a new garage door installation in Ottawa.

We will be thrilled to serve you if you want a new garage door for your home.

Call Garage Door Repairs Doctor Ottawa now to get your garage door installed!

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