How to Replace Garage Door Cable

How to Replace Garage Door Cable

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Garage door cables are one of the most essential parts of a garage door which plays a vital role in ensuring its proper functioning.

A broken cable can give you a big problem because you and your car can get trapped when your cable snaps.

It is essential to know how to replace garage door cables since this skill can help dire times.

However, we strongly recommend that you do not do this on your own, especially if you don’t have the appropriate tools and equipment.

This task can be life-threatening when it is not done correctly; that is why we encourage you to contact us for professional help.

What Docdoor Company Offers

Our company, Docdoor, provides you with up-to-date and easy-to-understand information on how to replace garage door cables.

We provide outstanding customer service, which is one of the perks of availing our services.

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Generally, we are a garage door repairing company that offers many types of services.

It ranges from replacing your garage doors up to repairing your garage door cables.

It is essential to keep in mind that renovating and replacing the parts of your garage door on your own is a dangerous thing to do.

Inevitable accidents may happen, such as your garage door collapsing on you, which can cause serious injuries that may possibly lead to death.

That is why we recommend that you call us when you are having issues with your garage door.

Safety First!

Before we do anything to your garage door, we will be wearing complete safety gear such as work boots, safety goggles, and gloves to protect ourselves from harm.

Jewelry and loose-fitting clothes should not be worn while doing this task since this can be the source of accidents.

In addition, we must be mindful of sharp edges and frays from the cables to prevent injury.

Every professional knows that the completeness of safety gear is crucial when doing repairs and other procedures to a garage door.

Although it has many benefits to homeowners, it still holds a significant amount of drawbacks.

Garage doors are made up of heavy material, which can be detrimental when mishandled.

What You Can Do To Replace Your Garage Door Cable

If we are honest with you, you cannot do anything because tasks like these must be handled and left in the hands of the professionals.

The steps to replacing a garage door cable are complex and can quickly get confusing, mainly if misinformed DIYers perform this.

Other than them, people who don’t have any knowledge regarding garage door cables who fiddle with them and their parts put themselves at risk.

Trying to do things to your garage door on your own is the quickest way to get yourself admitted to a hospital.

How We Replace Your Garage Door Cable

Please be informed that changing garage door cables is a task that should be left with the professionals.

If you are having an issue with your lines, please contact us so that we can fix it immediately.

For us to replace your garage door cables, we must maneuver your door manually.

We will disconnect your garage door from the power supply before doing anything.

After that, we use special tools to stop the door from moving.

This also protects us while we change your cables.

Next, we will loosen some parts to gain access to the drum.

This is where your lines are located.

After doing so, we will remove the old set of cables and install the new ones.

Then, we will place the drum back in its’ place and fasten all the screws.

Subsequently, we will try and adjust its’ tension for it to function correctly.

Finally, after doing all these things, we will reconnect your door to the power supply and do a test run.

We will open and close your garage door a couple of times to see if the cables have been adjusted adequately.


Replacing garage door cables is quite a tricky thing to do, so it is imperative that you ask a professional for assistance.

The completeness of the tools and materials also plays a significant role in succeeding in this task.

You should not be doing this task on your own since it can be perilous.

Serious bodily harm and possible hospitalizations can happen because of this.

This is why we strongly encourage you to reach out to us so that we can assist you with your needs.

By contacting us, we will be able to replace your garage door cables in no time.

We offer excellent quality service, and our prices are budget-friendly.

Contact us now via our webpage.

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