How to Fix A Garage Door Off Track

How to Fix A Garage Door Off Track

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A garage door functions with a system of tracks, rollers, and openers.

It consists of many heavy-duty components working together to support its lifting and lowering operations.

Your garage door may be one of the most frequently used moving equipment in your home or commercial establishment.

That’s why it’s understandable when such a piece of equipment experiences unexpected troubles.

One of the most common problems you may face with your garage door is when It comes off the tracks.

A garage door off track will fail to operate like usual, resulting in significant residential safety problems and downtime in business operations.

Its major concern also involves safety risks for the people around or near the area.

For your garage door off-track problems, it’s not advisable to handle the repairs yourself, especially if you lack the skills and know-how.

Your best way to deal with the issue is to consult a garage door repair expert near you.

However, if you’re confident enough to get on the job yourself, here are some tips on how to fix a garage door off track.

Stop Garage Door Operation

You should know if something is not working right with your garage door.

Before doing any check-up or repair job, make sure to shut off your entire garage door system to prevent more damages.

Serious damages may result in high repair costs, so always keep everything secured first and control the situation.

Suppose it’s your first time stopping and disconnecting your garage door.

In that case, you can refer to the manufacturer’s manual to disengage the opener.

Get to the Bottom of the Problem

After disconnecting your garage door to its automatic opener, you can now lift the door manually and check the tracks.

There are many reasons why your garage door has come off the tracks.

You need to identify what those are and see if you can fix them on your own.

Broken or Dented Tracks

Your garage door can have dents without you noticing them.

Any recurring impacts from car door bumping, stowing away garbage bins, or moving bulky equipment may inflict consequential damage to your garage door tracks.

Your best bet for a repair is to use a hammer or a block of wood to straighten and pound out the dents.

You may also use a rubber mallet to fix the problem.

However, if your garage door tracks have suffered too much damage, it’s better to get a replacement for them.

Using severely damaged tracks can cause more complications to your garage door system and bring safety hazards.

Loose Tracks

One common cause of a garage door off the track is when the track itself separates from the garage walls.

It’s best to check if the tracks are still fastened to your garage walls.

You can fix this problem yourself, but you need some tools to get the job done right and make your garage door work well again.

Tighten any loose bolts using a wrench or ratchet to secure the bracket back on the garage wall.

Check the Rollers

Your garage door can go off the track due to misaligned rollers.

If you haven’t noticed any visible dents or damages on the tracks, check the rollers and see if it’s on the right alignment.

Try to fix the problem by loosening the brackets and holding the rollers in position.

Then, lightly tap them and restore the proper alignment.

There are also instances when the problem comes from having obstructions on the rollers.

Dirt, dust, and other debris can get caught between your garage door rollers.

Ensure that there isn’t any dirt and grime on the rollers to prevent your garage door from coming off the track.

Watch this short video for a quick guide on how to fix a garage door off track.

Call the Pros at Garage Door Repair Ottawa Doctor

Knowing some tips on how to fix a garage door off track might help you solve minor problems yourself.

However, if you cannot seem to resolve the issues, better consult a garage door repair professional for assistance.

The experts can deal with your residential or commercial garage door issues, whether it’s a problem with tracks or other components.

We at Garage Door Repair Ottawa Doctor are the professionals you need for any overhead door repair concerns.

Our technicians will assist you anytime you need a garage door repair service.

You can fix minor to serious garage door off-track problems with our team’s help.

We are always up to take your call round the clock.

Don’t think twice and contact us for a premium quality garage door repair service.

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