How to Fix Garage Door Cable

How to Fix Garage Door Cable

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Although your garage might be the largest moving part of your residential or commercial property, you probably won’t give it much thought unless something goes wrong.

You typically expect it to operate as you push the button, letting your car in and out of your garage.

When there’s an issue with your garage door, it will become difficult for you to move the entire door and use it like usual.

One major garage door problem that many homes or business owners experience is a broken or damaged cable.

Your garage door cables play an important job in the system’s operation.

The cable drums maintain even tension on your garage door cables, ensuring efficient and safe running.

If one of the cables breaks, you’ll be quick to identify it.

Damaged cables bring uncertainties and risks, which is why getting them fixed or replaced right away is essential.

Many people tend to use DIY alternatives for a garage door cable repair.

However, this undertaking can be dangerous, especially if you don’t have any idea what you’re going to do.

Knowing how to fix garage door cable might help you address minor issues.

But the major ones are better left to the hands of professionals for safer and more efficient job completion.

If you’re suspecting that you have broken garage door cables, promptly stop its operation and call the experts for assistance.

You also try to fix your garage door cable yourself, only if you have the right tools and expertise for the job.

Here’s to give you a further guide on how to fix garage door cable.

Watch Out for Any Signs of Damages

Many residential and commercial property owners will get to use their garage door cables for many years.

However, unexpected or gradual damages can cause the cables to break, resulting in serious injury and significant damages.

Before anything drastic happens with your garage door cable, you must pay attention to the hints that it gives every time it’s in operation.

Look out for these indications of a damaged cable:

  • Garage Door Operation Suddenly Stops
  • Uneven Garage Door
  • Garage Door Moving Too Fast Unlike the Usual

Many years of exposure to severe climates and other elements in the surroundings can lead to garage door cable damages, such as rust and corrosion.

Like other components, your garage door cable is also subject to normal wear and tear.

You will eventually have to perform a garage door repair or component replacement job to keep your entire system fully operational.

Know What Type of Garage Door Cable Needs Servicing

Garage door cables come in two primary types: the torsion and extension spring cables.

You can find the torsion cables running from the door up to the cable drums.

While the extension spring cables connect to the extension springs.

They also link to a pulley at the edge of the spring. ‘

Once there’s a garage door cable problem, you will immediately notice it as the system won’t function well when you try to use it.

Either types of cables need immediate action when there are issues.

Taking the right action at the earliest time possible will help you minimize any potentially serious damages that may arise.

Fix Your Broken Garage Door Cable with Us!

If you’re in the middle of a garage door cable problem, there’s only one effective way you can take to fix it right away.

You just need to call the Garage Door Repair Ottawa Doctor for professional assistance.

Don’t waste your valued time trying to figure out what’s wrong with your garage door and what you can do to fix it.

We have an expert team ready to lend you a helping hand if you don’t know how to fix garage door cable properly.

It’s our duty to provide garage door repair service whenever you need us.

Once you call, our company will send certified technicians to your home or commercial space with all the equipment and tools to perform a garage door cable repair.

Handling the job by yourself is hazardous.

It also requires adequate knowledge and specialized training.

Hence, calling the experts at Garage Door Repair Ottawa Doctor is your best bet.

Contact us to schedule a garage door cable repair and any other services involving garage doors!

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