How to Fix a Dented Garage Door

How to Fix a Dented Garage Door

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Most homes across America and other parts of the world that has a garage prefers to have the standard type of garage door, which is made of steel or aluminum.

However, despite its many benefits, this type of door also holds some drawbacks.

A common one is that it is vulnerable to dents.

There are various reasons for a garage door to acquire a dent.

One of the causes is when it is subjected to a strong impact, such as a basketball hitting the door or the car backing against it.

Nevertheless, the cost and kind of solution on how to fix a dented garage door rely on its severity—the more minor the damage, the less the price, and the more manageable the solution.

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Steps on How to Fix the Dents on Your Garage Doors

Fixing a dent is a no-brainer, especially for those who are knowledgeable about these types of situations.

However, we do not recommend amateurs to solve these problems by themselves since some of the things you need to do are pretty dangerous, and if not done correctly, it may damage your garage door further.

The steps on how to fix a dented garage door will be illustrated below.

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The Steps:

First, we must clean the dent thoroughly on our garage door.

To do so, we must fill up the pale of water and then add dish soap to create soapy water.

After doing so, we must get our sponge and scrub the dent.

This is to ensure that all the grime and dirt will be removed from the door.

This increases the chances of this procedure becoming successful.

Next, we must measure the foil, ensuring that it covers all dent areas.

We must make sure that the foil extends to both ends of the dent before we cut it.

After doing so, we must lay the foil on top of the dent and securing it with one hand to keep it in place.

We must make sure that both the lighter and the air can must be within our reach for easy accessibility.

Subsequently, we will apply heat all over the dented area using a lighter by moving it consistently for one full minute.

Finally, we will remove the foil and get the air can.

By holding the air can upside down, we will spray the dent continuously for 30 seconds.

It is vital to have the can in this position since this releases the carbon dioxide prompting dent removal.


The steps mentioned above are only applicable to minor dents.

Larger dents may need further treatment and possibly, replacement of the garage door if the damage is extensive.

This is the perfect time to contact us since we offer not only garage door repair but also garage door replacements and many more garage door services.

Our types of assistance are designed to meet and satisfy the different needs of our customers.

Fixing your garage door dents on your own is a pretty complex task, especially if you don’t have the appropriate tools and adequate knowledge to operate your garage doors.

Other than that, attempting to do DIYs when it comes to repairing is dangerous since many unexpected things can happen and can lead to severe injuries so we strongly discourage that you attempt to do so.

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