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Every component of our garage door has a limit; its parts have only a limited lifespan. One of these is the garage door springs that can and will break. Garage door springs help you make it easier to close and open the garage door, whether it is a manual or automatic door opener.

Due to our daily use of the garage door, the lifespan of each garage door part decreases. Over time, components such as springs will also lose their effectiveness, but for this not to happen immediately, we need to take care of them and find out what can be done when it breaks down.

Let’s find out if you can fix it yourself or if you still need help from professional garage door repair companies.

Find Out What Type of Springs Do You Have

The first thing you should do if you are concerned about your garage door’s springs is to know what kind of springs your garage door has. Your decision to repair and replace garage door springs depends on the types of springs your garage door has. There are two main types of springs: extension and torsion springs.

Torsion Springs

The torsion spring is usually loaded or tensioned mounted to a metal rod leading to the door opening. Torsion springs are heavy-duty springs.

Extension Springs

Extension springs are more prolonged than tension springs and are lighter-weight. It is not mounted to a metal rod like tension springs because it is mounted above the horizontal portions of the garage door tracks leading perpendicular to the door.

The manifestation of a Failing Springs

As time goes on, garage door springs lose their resiliency, making it challenging to lift heavier steel. Garage doors usually weigh 200 pounds or more, so it is more challenging to raise for springs nearing the end of their lifespan. Lifting the heavy garage door requires 10 pounds of force that aging springs can no longer handle.

One of the signs that springs are broken is when you hear the electric door opener strain as it lifts the door. This situation usually happens with aging springs because it can no longer function properly, and it only provides an enormous load on the garage door opener.

When this is the case, it is time for you to decide to replace the garage door springs. Do not let this take longer because there is a possibility that the door springs will suddenly break and end in violent door closure. When it breaks, you will hear a loud sound like a gunshot because it is fully loaded. When this happens, the door can no longer be lifted manually or with the automatic garage door opener.

Replacing Garage Door Springs

Now that you know what kind of springs your garage door has, let’s find out the correct process for replacing and repairing garage door springs.

Replacing Extension Springs

Replacing extension springs is easier and safer for homeowners who want to do it alone because, with this type of springs, you do not have to deal with spring tension. You can do this job on your own. You first need to open the door to relieve the spring tension, disconnect the springs to the pulley and track bracket, and disconnect the safety cable from one end.

After all this, you can install the new springs and reconnect the pulley and safety cable. Replacing the extension cable is just that easy.

Replacing Torsion Springs

Garage door repair experts warn homeowners that they should not replace springs on their own because it is a dangerous job. After all, torsion springs are under tension. If you think you can do this, there are different steps to changing torsion springs. You can find a video tutorial online so you can understand it.

The garage door should be closed when you replace the springs. Start by unloading the springs using the winding bars. Disconnect the cables to the pulley and lose the pulley and slide them off to the rod. Then replace the springs with new springs that fit. Restore all your removed cables and pulleys. You can test the door and the proper spring tension.

Caution Warning

You can change your garage door spring, and this decision may affect what kind of springs your garage door has. However, if there are ways you can replace them on your own, it is still best to seek garage door repair experts’ help, especially if your springs are torsion springs. If you are not very familiar with your garage door and are not comfortable with the processes mentioned, let the professionals do this job.

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