Garage Door Extension Spring Repair Ottawa

Garage Door Extension Spring Repair Ottawa

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Owning a home with an automatic overhead garage door has many perks.

For starters, a garage door can keep your cars and garage safe.

It is also versatile as a garage door offers homeowners many other benefits.

Since it is made of durable and robust materials, you can expect your garage door to keep your home and family safe from intruders, robbers, or unwanted and forcible entries.

As a safety precaution, installing a garage door can ensure the safety of your home.

The sturdy materials make it possible for garage doors to last through strong forces and external elements.

It is also designed to last for a long time.

The rubber weatherstripping attached to the bottom of the door not only prevents stray animals and pests from entering your home, but it also acts as an energy-saving device.

Considering that Ottawa experiences a temperate climate, a garage door can preserve the heat inside, especially during colder winters.

With all that said, a garage door is certainly a handy home implement.

A garage door is all about providing convenience to the modern family.

What happens if your garage door breaks?

But suppose your garage door suddenly stops working.

Having your car stuck inside the garage because your garage door won’t budge is far from convenient.

Of course, no one wants to be met with that kind of hassle.

If you encounter this kind of situation, don’t worry.

While garage doors are designed to last for a long time, deterioration and damage would still occur.

And these accounts can be attributed to ordinary wear and tear.

So despite conducting routine inspection and annual maintenance, your garage door can still break due to everyday use.

In case your garage door stops working all of a sudden, take a look at the extension springs.

If you have broken torsion springs, refrain from fixing them yourself.

To have them fixed, you should call a professional technician.

Replacing garage door extension springs

The first thing to bear in mind is that broken garage door extension springs are very dangerous.

Fixing or replacing it must be done with extreme caution.

It would be best if you also replaced the pulleys while the door is opened.

Make sure that you are also out of the way when the garage door is operating, as the door may accidentally shut close.

When fixing a garage door, you should double-check if the cables are still plugged into the power source.

Before doing anything, unplug the power cord first.

After doing the first step, you have to disengage the opener from the door itself.

Clamp the garage door into place before disconnecting.

From thereon, place a weighing scale below the door and measure the weight of the door.

It’s best that you use a mechanical scale instead of a digital one for a more accurate weight.

If only one extension spring is broken, it’s crucial to keep in mind that you do not touch the other one, especially when it is closed.

After doing the steps mentioned above, you need to identify the extension springs that need to be replaced.

Indicated by color codes, the extension springs are classified according to their weight.

Take note of the color of the springs, so you know which to purchase from your local garage door hardware stores.

When attaching the new extension springs, make sure that you secure the same to the track bracket.

Reattach the safety cable, pulley, and the clamps. After putting the parts back, make sure you test them out first.

Garage door repair services in Ottawa

A modern house requires modern precautionary means for home protection and security.

Installing an automatic garage door can improve the security system of your home.

Not only that, but you can also expect an increased value of your real property.

A garage door is an imperative implement to your home.

So in case you need an expert for your maintenance or tune-up or you a replacement, Garage Doc Door can do the job for you.

With efficient, professional technicians and good trust rating from homeowners, customers, and clientele, you can expect that you are in good hands with Garage Doc Door.

Garage Doc Door offers their expert services to Ottawa.

For emergency garage door fixes, Garage Doc Door can help you.

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