Commercial Garage Door Repair Ottawa

Commercial Garage Door Repair Ottawa

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Commercial garage doors are a fancy type of garage doors that come with automation.

These garage doors or overhead doors usually come with high technology that ensures security, style, thermal, and anti-theft purposes.

However, no matter how sophisticated these garage doors are, they are also prone to problems.

Here in Ottawa, our garage door repair company can provide you with services like no other when it comes to fixing your commercial garage doors.

Some problems need our technical assistance, and there are ones you can deal with on your own.

To determine which can you fix and when to call us, our team of skilled technicians lists down below the problems and their corresponding solutions.

Photo-Eye Is Acting Up And Not Working Properly

In a commercial garage door or overhead door, photo-eyes are essential in keeping the garage door from closing if something blocks the infrared beams, reducing accidents.

If photo-eyes are not on its proper line-up, your commercial garage door may refuse to close.

Debris, dust, and dirt sticking to the photo-eye may also cause it to malfunction.

When you encounter such situations, you can fix the problem on your own.

Your solution includes moving the photo-eye, lining it up correctly so your garage door can close again.

Also, cleaning and wiping the dirt away from your photo-eye should make your door open and close smoothly.

Damaged Rollers, Cables, And Springs

Rollers, cables, and springs are the components of your commercial garage door, which frequently require repairing due to the frequency of use every day.

These parts can break and wear down quickly.

A damaged roller, cables, and springs usually need replacement, and it is something you need to consult on our garage door repair company.

You cannot replace it without having a professional guide you.

However, you can inspect for rust, dents, or any minor damage you could fix at home.

Lubricating components are useful. Getting rid of the dust particles on it is also a big help.

Your Remote Control And Wall Switch Is Malfunctioning

You cannot open your commercial garage door without your remote control.

Your remote might only need new batteries.

Try replacing it with a new set to see if it works.

If it still does not function, there may be a problem inside your remote.

You might want to ask our team to check it out for you or buy a new one.

However, if you think your remote is perfectly fine, the problem would be in the wall switch.

The problem could be in the fuse or circuit breaker.

The only thing you can do when it burn-out is to replace it entirely.

If it has not burn-out yet, try resetting it a couple of times.

If it is still malfunctioning, call for technical support from our garage door repair team here in Ottawa.

Your Commercial Garage Door Is Sagging And Uneven

This problem is not avoidable, especially when your door is decades old.

A sagging commercial garage door is dangerous and is inconvenient for you and your business.

Your garage door is losing height, and it is typically a result of issues within the springs, rollers, or tracks.

No matter how urgent this problem is, please do not attempt to fix it on your own.

This problem requires repair by experts.

If you encounter such, the best thing to do is call our garage door repair company, and you might want to observe your door for any other problems you can relay to us.

Your Door Will Still Not Open After Repairing The Opener

There are specific scenarios when your commercial garage door stops functioning totally.

Even if you manage to repair and fix the problems on its components, it just will not work.

These cases happen, and the problem is not in the automation system anymore. It is on the door itself.

There might be a tear, injury, or damage to the door that hinders it from functioning.

Usually, you correct it by adjusting certain parts.

However, there are times when you will need an entire commercial door replacement.

It is the last resort you have, and our garage door repair company here in Ottawa ensures you will have the best service.

Commercial garage doors are often the ones needing our assistance due to its heavy components.

Our team can help you choose the top-notch door for your place of business.

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Peter MacDonald

Peter MacDonald

I have been servicing garage doors since I can remember. Over the years I noticed I can help my clients better if they get detailed answers to their questions beforehand. In this blog I share my tips and thoughts so you can better understand the issue you might be facing and my companies approach to fix it.

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