Garage Door Tune-Up

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    Garage Door Tune-Up

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    Keeping your garage door in perfect condition guarantees optimum performance.

    You can also expect your garage door to work longer than expected, especially if you provide routine inspection and annual maintenance.

    Many American families opted to have an automatic garage door installed.

    Supported with the latest technology and advancements in engineering,

    However, there are some cases wherein your garage door will malfunction and stop working.

    Despite providing your garage door regular maintenance, you can expect that it will break sooner or later if you often use your garage door.

    But breakage or damage due to ordinary tear and wear is totally normal.

    So if you need a garage door tune-up, you should call for an expert.

    Staffed with efficient professional garage door technicians, Garage Doc Door can get your garage door running in no time.

    And while it’s ideal to contract for a professional technician’s services, there are some troubleshooting techniques you can employ.

    However, be mindful and careful.

    How to provide garage door tune-up

    If your garage door needs a major repair, it’s better to call for a professional technician to take a look at the condition of your door.

    That way, they will be able to assess and diagnose your door.

    You can also count on the experts for a great job.

    However, if you are caught in a ditch and need to do some emergency tune-up for your broken garage door, here are some tips you can try at home.

    With the handy staple tools in your garage, you will be able to do this in no time.

    You do not even have to be an expert.

    When doing garage door tune-up, it is important to keep in mind that conducting it once a year is enough to maintain your garage door in top-notch condition.

    To ensure optimum performance, all you need is 10 minutes.

    But before doing so, you may want to take a quick trip to your local hardware store to get your necessary tools and supplies.

    You will need a hammer, pliers, screw gun, wrench set, and a tape measure. Necessary home toolboxes should contain these basic tools.

    Inspect the condition of your garage door hardware

    The first thing you need to do when conducting maintenance and tune-up is the routine inspection.

    This step will give you an idea of the physical condition of your garage door.

    Because your door moves most of the time, some gears and parts may loosen.

    Look for nuts and bolts and the roller brackets, and make sure they are all tightened up.

    Since your garage door is exposed to lots of external elements, the condition may have also deteriorated.

    If you are located in areas with intense climates, some parts may corrode and wear out due to prolonged exposure to heat or water.

    Make sure you also look at the exterior part of your garage door.

    Take note if there are any visible indications that your garage door is deteriorating.

    Lubricate the moving parts

    With durable and long-lasting materials, garage doors are designed to last up to 10,000 cycles, with a cycle consisting of a complete up and down of the door.

    On average, 10,000 cycles can take five to 10 years.

    And that’s also taking into consideration that a garage door is properly maintained.

    But this isn’t always the case for every garage door and homeowner.

    If you use your garage door at least five times a day, your garage door is more likely to break sooner.

    But you can preserve its lifespan by lubricating the moving parts and gears.

    Use a WD-40 spray lubricant or a white lithium grease on the chains and screws of your garage door opener.

    Test the safety feature

    Most modern automatic garage doors have safety features.

    This is most helpful if you have little pets and children running around the house.

    The photo-eye or the sensors should detect an obstruction and trigger the automatic reversal of the garage door.

    If this feature is not working correctly, it may result in accidents and injuries.

    To prevent such, try placing a block of wood or cement below the door.

    The photo-eye should be able to detect it and trigger the auto-reverse.

    If it does not automatically reverse, it’s high time you call an expert.

    For efficient and affordable garage door repair and tune-up services, call Garage Doc Door to attend to your concerns and emergencies.

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