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    Your home’s external features contribute to the overall worth of your property.

    This is particularly true when it comes to your garage door.

    Since it is a significant element of your home, it would be the first one to be noticed.

    Any scratches or peeling paint may be visible with the naked eye.

    Because of this, you may want to consider installing garage door frame capping.

    Installing aluminum capping over an existing garage door offers several benefits.

    Aside from serving as a protection for your garage door frame, it is also a cost-effective home improvement.

    However, the installation process may be too tough to handle on your own.

    Fortunately, Garage Door Repair Doctors have well-trained professionals equipped with the necessary tools required for the job.

    You may be rest assured that you will receive quality and safe garage door services.

    Call us for a thorough assessment of your garage door needs.

    What is Aluminum Capping?

    Aluminum capping or cladding is a process of putting molded and cut aluminum sheeting over wood trim.

    It is frequently used on wooden door frames and window frames.

    Although this explanation makes capping appear straightforward, it is actually a lengthy and occasionally tough process.

    To perfectly bend the aluminum, a specialized tool is being utilized.

    As a result, you should leave the installation of your garage aluminum capping to experienced specialists to ensure that the task is completed safely and properly.

    Aside from being well-trained, they also have the necessary tools needed for the task.

    So, it would be best to allow professionals to handle the job rather than trying to tackle it on your own.

    Otherwise, even the tiniest difference between your aluminum capping and your garage door frame can make your entire property look unsightly.

    Why is Capping Important?

    Maintaining the exterior of your home may be a significant hassle.

    Because your home is exposed to the outdoors, many of its visual characteristics may be damaged.

    Your garage door, particularly, can be affected by these external factors.

    It may get scraped, dusty or cracked which can greatly affect the curb appeal of your home.

    Fortunately, you can cover your garage door with aluminum capping.

    Here are some advantages of having aluminum capping installed on your garage door frame to assist you decide whether or not to do so.

    Free of Maintenance

    You won’t have to do any annual maintenance on your wooden frame once you’ve coated it.

    No more sanding, or repainting an older, flaking door frame in your leisure time.

    A garage door frame with aluminum capping is very simple to clean.

    Aluminum capping is easy to clean because it has a smooth surface.

    All you need is a soft cloth and some cleaning solution.

    Cleaner Look

    Your garage door increases the value of your property.

    Having one with cracks, peeling paint, or chips will definitely reduce your home’s curb appeal.

    But, aluminum capping can keep your door in its pristine condition.

    Because the capping creates a seamless finish, your home will appear cleaner while protecting your door from the effects of time.


    Protecting your wooden door frame from the external factors will help it last longer.

    Aluminum is recognized to be a durable and cost-effective material.

    With aluminum cladding, you can rest assured that your door will last for years without rusting or fading.

    Add To Your Home’s Value

    As mentioned above, your garage door is a prominent feature of your home.

    Because of this, people’s attention is drawn to it at first.

    So, it is vital to have a garage door that is both functional and attractive.

    Cladding improves the curb attractiveness of your home, which increases its asset value.

    In addition, projects that improve a home’s curb appeal might yield larger returns on investment than interior refurbishment.

    Who to Call When You Need Prompt and Efficient Aluminum Capping Services?

    Are you fed up with repairing and maintaining your old wooden frames?

    Perhaps now is the time to consider garage door frame capping.

    Don’t waste time and call Garage Door Repair Doctors.

    We have a team of experts with the proper knowledge, skills, and tools to provide reliable garage door services.

    Allow us to make your garage door more modern and beautiful.

    To schedule a complimentary consultation, please contact us.

    Home improvements focused on the garage door are among the best investments for your property.

    By beautifying your garage door, you can achieve an upgraded curb appeal.

    It’s also expedient if you’re planning to sell your house.

    One popular garage door improvement project is garage door frame capping.

    In this process, technicians will cover your wooden garage door trim with a metal sheet, usually made of aluminum.

    Doing this can make your garage door look cleaner and sharper.

    It also offers other benefits, which will be discussed in this article.

    Call Garage Door Repair Doctors to learn more about the service.

    We also offer other services, including garage door spring replacement and opener repair.

    Our company has a team of licensed technicians who can handle any garage door repair you need.

    Book with us in Ottawa today for same-day garage door service in your area.

    What is Garage Door Frame Capping?

    Wooden garage door frames can quickly rot and develop molds if not protected against moisture.

    But to prevent decay and mold growth, you must constantly maintain the wood.

    This is exhausting and costly for garage owners.

    Fortunately, you can avoid regular garage door maintenance through garage door frame capping.

    Frame capping is the process of adding aluminum sheeting over the wood trim.

    The metal sheet is precisely cut and formed to follow the contour of your house.

    Thus, the result is a sleeker and longer-lasting garage door.

    Why Do You Need Aluminum Frame Capping?

    Installing aluminum frame capping offers various advantages to garage owners.

    Requires Less or No Maintenance

    Compared to wood, aluminum is low maintenance.

    It doesn’t require regular stripping, sanding, and repainting.

    All you need is a mild detergent solution and a cloth to clean the aluminum capping once in a while.

    Moreover, high-quality and factory-painted aluminum does not rust and fade.

    So, you can guarantee that your garage door will look as good as new for the years to come.

    There’s no need for you to repaint or remove rusty parts of the frame capping.

    Increases the lifespan of your garage door

    The aluminum capping will protect your wooden garage door frame from damaging elements, such as water.

    Because of this, the structure will not be susceptible to mold growth, and it will not rot quickly. ​​

    This results in a more robust and longer-lasting garage door, which means you don’t need a garage door replacement soon.

    Boosts your home’s exterior

    Installing a garage door frame capping works wonders not only for your garage door but for your house as well.

    By improving the appearance of your garage door, frame capping also boosts your curb appeal and increases property value.

    It is an excellent investment for your home and more so if you’re going to sell your house.

    You can choose among the 12 available aluminum colors to match your home’s exterior.

    Some garage door companies also offer a wide range of colors for capping caulking.

    Improves garage door insulation

    The frame capping can help you achieve better energy efficiency through its insulating capabilities.

    Capping your garage door with aluminum can prevent faster heat transfer.

    Thus, your home can stay at a comfortable temperature regardless of outside weather.

    How to Install Garage Door Frame Capping

    Frame capping is done using a brake, a machine used to cut and bend aluminum sheets.

    This machine can accurately form the contours of your home so you can have a seamless garage door frame.

    If you don’t have this professional-grade device, you should abort your project to install your garage door capping.

    Improper installation of frame capping will put the aesthetics of your garage door at risk.

    It will also adversely affect your curb appeal since your garage door frame will look cluttered and uneven.

    For your frame capping needs, contact Garage Door Repair Doctors.

    Our licensed technicians will prepare and install your aluminum frame capping correctly.

    We also offer other garage door services, such as:

    Contact us today for emergency garage door repair in Ottawa.

    We are available 24/7 for your bookings and inquiries.

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