Toronto artists are painting free garage door murals in response to hateful letter

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    Toronto artists are painting free garage door murals in response to hateful letter

    Last week, Etobicoke resident Sapna Shah took to social media to share a completely confounding experience in which she received anonymous hate mail for commissioning a local artist to create a mural on her garage door.

    In the wake of the viral story, local painters are now banding together to combat the appallingly insulting neighbour-at-large by offering up their garage painting services to others in the area for free.

    The mural in question, painted by Natalie V. Bochenska a.k.a. Natalie Very B, depicts a night sky dotted with constellations, as well as a crescent moon overlooking some golden hills — all very benign.

    But apparently the piece somehow elicited fury in a nearby citizen, who took it upon themselves to send Shah and her family a message with their incomprehensibly irate feelings.

    “You just devalued all of the homes in this area with that hideous graffiti at the front of your house. It has made the entire neighbourhood look like a low income ghetto,” the letter states.

    “Every visitor we have will now have to drive by that shit on the way to us like they’re driving through the hood. Shame on you! You have no class!”

    It went on to call Shah tasteless and accuse her of having zero consideration for her neighbours. She was utterly shocked by the piece of mail, as were others who read her story.

    Moved by the online outpouring of support for the South Etobicoke family, we (@julii_mcmillo @bkez and I) are coming…

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