The (alleged) thief came back: Man arrested after couple says he returned to garage where bike stolen

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    The (alleged) thief came back: Man arrested after couple says he returned to garage where bike stolen

    Police are warning people to keep bikes locked at all times, even if they’re in a garage, after they say a man stole a bicycle from a River Heights garage — and then came back to steal more.

    Stephanie Schultz and her husband thought they’d caught a thief red-handed when they were awoken at 4:30 a.m. Friday by the sound of their house alarm.

    “He’d come in through the overhead [garage] door. He pried it open with a crowbar, just enough to roll underneath. When he exited with our bike, he went out the main door on the side. That, of course, [triggered] our house alarm.”

    Suspect said ‘he was trying to protect us’

    They didn’t immediately see him, but less than an hour later caught a man entering their yard. Schultz believes it was the man who’d broken into the garage earlier, returning to pick up more things he planned to steal.

    They called police and her husband followed the man, but he got away before police arrived.

    When officers did show up to take the couple’s statement, the suspect was once again spotted in the neighbourhood, this time wearing different clothing than when the Schultzes saw him. Police pursued the man and arrested him.

    Stephanie Schultz says a thief entered their garage by prying open the overhead door, and then exited with a bike out the side door. (Submitted by Stephanie Schultz)

    The alleged thief claimed he had seen two people in the neighbourhood doing suspicious things, and that he was coming to see if they were in the yard.


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