Some suspect Navy to blame for garage doors not working

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    Some suspect Navy to blame for garage doors not working

    EVERETT — Some homeowners with sweeping views of Port Gardner discovered recently that their panoramas come with a hidden feature.

    Starting about Feb. 2, hundreds of people found their garage doors had stopped working.

    “I knew right away something was weird,” said Chris Borys, who lives a few blocks from Harborview Park.

    “I changed the batteries twice, and I did the whole reprogramming thing using the booklet, and still no luck,” she said.

    Her experience is not unique.

    Tanis Marsh, who lives on View Ridge Drive, said her garage doors started acting up a week ago.

    “Three or four days ago, one of them wouldn’t work, and then none of them would work,” Marsh said.

    Dan Clements, who lives on Edgemoor Lane above Harborview Park, said his wife’s garage door quit working last week.

    “We actually spent $800 and replaced my wife’s before we learned what was going on,” he said.

    What exactly is happening is unclear, but many people suspect activity at Naval Station Everett is the cause.

    Since Jan. 30, the base has been participating in Exercise Solid Curtain-Citadel Shield, a regularly scheduled exercise conducted on many U.S. naval installations.

    The anti-terrorism and force-protection exercise is expected to end Friday. It includes coordination with first responders and simulated gunfire.

    Many garage door openers, especially older models, use frequencies in the 300-400 megahertz range. That’s a part of the electromagnetic spectrum that the Federal…


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