Scarborough townhouse residents seek street parking because driveways too short

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    Scarborough townhouse residents seek street parking because driveways too short

    Pringdale Gardens Circle is just an enclave of townhouses but it could soon get something no other street in Scarborough has — overnight permit parking.

    Some of the 86 townhomes off Danforth Road were built with driveways so short, “there’s literally not enough room to park a car,” said Glenn De Baeremaeker, the local councillor.

    He admitted the city approved the development “on my watch.”

    De Baeremaeker had no explanation as to why several townhouses facing Danforth Road had rear driveways of varying length, too short to legally park on, leaving residents no place to park except their garages.

    Because it’s partly the city’s fault and a “unique situation” in which residents keep getting tickets, De Baeremaeker got approval from his fellow Scarborough councillors last November to bring the street out of the “exclusion zone” covering almost all of Scarborough.

    The “exclusion zone” prevents residents who want permit parking from applying, but now people on Pringdale Gardens are collecting signatures, De Baeremaeker said.

    If they submit a petition covering 25 per cent of homes, and if half the residents later answer yes to a city poll, the street may get its permits.

    “I’m on board 100 per cent,” said Karan Sethi, whose Audi, while almost touching his garage door, hangs its bumper over the sidewalk.

    With another in the garage, the household’s third car, his father’s, parks on the street. “This outside one always gets ticketed,” Sethi said…

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