Person Opens Garage Door to Reveal Thick Layer of Snow Burying It Fully After Snowstorm

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    Person Opens Garage Door to Reveal Thick Layer of Snow Burying It Fully After Snowstorm


    Should parents have the choice to keep their child in the same grade after 2nd disrupted school year?

    After a pandemic year of switching between in-person and remote learning, Nicholas Madott isn’t ready to move from kindergarten to Grade 1 this fall, according to his parents. Currently on his second stint of learning at home since January, the Collingwood, Ont., student spends about 30 minutes online with his teacher and classmates daily. The rest of the time is for offline learning guided by his parents. This year has been “sub-optimal in terms of his ability to read and recognize his sight words and to develop,” Carita Valentini said of her five-year-old, the youngest in his grade due to his late-December birthday. She and her husband, Paul Madott, requested for Nicholas to continue in kindergarten this fall, but have yet to convince school officials it’s the right move. From parents and teachers to child development specialists and education researchers, many have expressed concern about the disrupted education of Canadian students amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Now, some are suggesting educators reconsider an option that has been largely abandoned: Having some students repeat a grade. ‘They’re getting half an education,’ consultant says The reluctance around repeating a grade isn’t entirely new to the couple: they encountered it with their seven-year-old daughter Victoria — also born in late December — before the family moved to their current home. At Victoria’s…


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