Open Wide – Best Garage Door Openers

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    Open Wide – Best Garage Door Openers

    By Matthew Guy |
    Last updated: May 4, 2021

    Hands up if you’ve ever toiled on a car behind creaky garage doors with enough gap in the seals to let in heat during summer and snow during winter. Actually, a solid number of us have likely changed engines or replaced fenders curbside or in the parking lot of Canadian Tire. No? Ok, fine; AutoZone, then.

    For those of us who’ve grown up and gotten a real garage, installing a door opener is some of the best money one can spend. Every unit on this list has a remote control so you can sneak into the shop and work on your totally horrible promising project car after hours. Plus, most of them can be programmed to play well with OEM door openers (not that any of our horrible hoopties around here have such decadence).

    1. Editor’s Choice: LiftMaster Premium Series 1/2-HP Garage Door Opener

    Yes, they still rate these things in horsepower, a mystifying measure for such devices. Your author finds great humor in looking at the sticker on the garage door opener installed at his home and imagining half a horse up in the rafters, toiling away.

    This explains why the LiftMaster kicks off our list – it’s broadly similar to the one residing on the ceiling of my own garage. It toils without complaint, refusing to rat me out when it takes me longer than it should to remove the intake on a tired Dodge Charger. Programming new remotes is a cinch with the well-labeled buttons and a wireless keyless entry pad permits the…

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