Mosque attacks, nooses, yearbook slurs — have we learned nothing from Black Lives Matter protests?

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    Mosque attacks, nooses, yearbook slurs — have we learned nothing from Black Lives Matter protests?

    Blame it on the pandemic. Or blame the pandemic on it.

    But “it” has gone off-the-wall crazy here recently: nooses at construction sites, racist graffiti on garage doors, hate attacks on mosques followed by a fatal stabbing, and the vile act of replacing a student’s high school yearbook tribute to his grandmother with a racist message that rocks one’s world — in this case 16-year-old Joshua Telemaque’s.

    And you thought we’d moved past the racism plague, especially here in Toronto the Good.

    As spring turned to summer we might have been forgiven the thought that the world had been awakened to anti-Black racism — that “the times they are a-changing,” and, y’know, “We shall overcome.”

    The tragic irony of George Floyd’s death — an execution really — under the knee of a Minneapolis policeman, was that it concocted a vision of a better world in which Black lives, in particular, mattered; and that people of colour and their Indigenous cousins had a right to a fair share of the space. The protest signs said it. The social media posts reinforced it. The demonstrations around the globe seemed to affirm it.

    Admittedly, from time to time we experience a kind of reckoning, only to lapse or fall back to the privileged status quo. This time, though, felt different. Till it wasn’t.

    Who does these perverse things — display nooses at condo construction sites and at East York hospital project? In Regent Park? On Bay Street?

    What would possess a student to take a…


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