Man Runs Into Garage Door Attempting To Chug Sparkling Water

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    Man Runs Into Garage Door Attempting To Chug Sparkling Water

    Garage Door Repair Bayshore

    Social media stunts are great when they go to plan, but when they don’t, it can be painful… for the people doing it as well as those watching.

    This is a lesson Cade Tarchick, from Georgia, US, learned the hard way recently when he attempted to down a can of sparkling water without burping.

    In a video posted to his TikTok account, looking directly down the lens of the camera, a confident Cade said: “Your man might have the Star Wars Lego set Death Star but can he can chug a sparkling water and not burp?”

    He then proceeds to chug the can of water in his hand, swinging his neck back as he attempts to down it in one.

    However, it turned out not to be as easy as he had been hoping or expecting, spitting out the fizzy contents and burping loudly.

    Turning to the camera, now fairly panicked, Cade asks: “Oh my gosh (burp), what do I do?”

    He then spins around and runs into the garage door, which is half open, behind him, cracking his head and falling to the floor immediately after the impact.

    The video was captioned: “It’s like drinking straight TV static.”

    Credit: Storyful

    Since he posted the video, it has been viewed more than nine million times, with almost 40,000 comments.

    And people absolutely loved it, even if they were slightly concerned for his safety.

    One user said: “New favourite video.”

    Another joked: “To be fair it wasn’t a burp it was a cry for help.”

    “Man’s activated both his flight and fight response at the same time and forgot how to duck,” chimed in a third.

    While another…

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