Jury hears from Ken Cusick’s mother, daughter in murder trial

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    Jury hears from Ken Cusick’s mother, daughter in murder trial

    OTTAWA (WEEK) — It was a quick trial day Tuesday in LaSalle County as the defense began their case in the Kenneth Cusick murder trial.

    Cusick is being charged with murder in the death of his wife, Tracy Cusick.

    Tracy Cusick, 32, allegedly drowned in her own toilet bowl in 2006, but the defense says it was due to a drug overdose.

    Prosecutors are arguing Ken Cusick drowned her.

    Both, Shelia Wilson, Ken’s mother, and her own daughter, his sister, testified that 32-year-old Tracy Cusick passed out into her food on Thanksgiving in 2005.

    The women told jurors that before passing out, Tracy Cusick had left momentarily, returning with “squinty eyes” and slurring her words.

    When Cusick’s daughter, Kacie Cusick, took the stand, she revealed that as a child she once saw her mother inside of a parked car in their garage with the engine running, windows up and the garage door closed before her father told her to go somewhere else.

    The prosecution asked Ken Cusick’s mother and sister if it is safe to say they wouldn’t want anything bad to happen to Ken to which they answered, no, they would not.

    As for Kacie Cusick, despite attempts by prosecutors to discredit her childhood memories, the 21-year-old was firm on what she saw and who she says her mom was.

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