Increase Garage Door Opener Range

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    Increase Garage Door Opener Range

    Increase Garage Door Opener Range

    A garage door has become a necessity for one’s home.

    As early as the 1920s, people had installed garage doors in their homes, albeit lacking in some of the more advanced and modern features the latest models have.

    But with the advent of innovation and technology coupled with engineering, garage doors have made everyday life easier and more convenient for busy homeowners who are always hustling.

    The breakthrough of the latest technology in garage doors also benefited homeowners and clientele by improving the security features.

    We all know that garage doors are made of durable and sturdy materials designed to withstand strong forces and external elements.

    But nowadays, relying on the garage door alone is not enough.

    But thanks to technology, innovation, and the internet, homeowners can be safe.

    They can even take care of their homes while being away.

    Although the latest garage doors are now operated via installing an application in their smartphones, some models still function on remote controls.

    It’s still reliable, and it still works.

    As long as you provide the required proper maintenance, you can expect that your trusty garage door will still work as efficiently as the newer models.

    Why is my garage door not working?

    But if your garage door stopped working all of a sudden, this can be attributed to a lot of things.

    Damage and deterioration caused by ordinary wear and tear or low maintenance are among the most common reasons.

    If your garage door doesn’t open, you may want to check if the problem has something to do with your garage door opener remote control.

    What’s in a garage door opener remote control?

    The remote control of your garage door opener is responsible for relaying the commands you input into the device.

    The command shall be transmitted to the system, prompting the door to either close or open.

    To convey the commands, you need to have strong reception.

    Remote controls are designed to transmit commands to openers.

    They often work at a considerable distance.

    Some doors work as far as a hundred meters away from the door, and from thereon, the range of the signal may decrease.

    For most homeowners and users, their garage doors are not working because of poor signal reception.

    Here are some of the reasons and troubleshooting tips you can try.

    Replace your batteries

    If you suspect that you have lousy signal reception, you can start troubleshooting by doing the most basic.

    You may have been using the remote control for quite some time.

    As a standard, batteries last around three to five years.

    For starters, replace your batteries.

    If your garage door is still not working after replacing your remote control with fresh batteries, try other troubleshooting tips.

    Check if there is interference

    Electrical appliances and devices can cause interference in the signal.

    If you have a newly installed electrical component or even LED light bulbs, it may have caused the poor reception.

    You can also check your neighbors and surroundings.

    If you live anywhere near a home or a business with an intricate security system, it can affect your garage door opener’s reception.

    To prevent this occurrence, you can look for garage doors to block the LED and fluorescent light bulbs.

    If this option is too costly for you, you can install an antenna extension to improve the reception.

    You can also try relocating your antenna away from the area that causes the interference.

    Alter the remote control frequency

    If your garage door is not picking up on the remote control commands, check your frequency.

    Newer models operate on 315 Mhz, while older ones use 390 Mhz.

    If your garage door is from the 90s, bump up the frequency to 390 Mhz.

    But if you have an older model of a garage door, it’s better to replace it with a more modern one.

    It may be more expensive than the other troubleshooting tips, but you can consider it an investment.

    A newer garage door also increases the value of your real property.

    For garage door repair, tune-up, replacement, or installation, Garage Doc Door offers its services in Ottawa, Canada.

    For an affordable price, you can expect quality garage door repair from Garage Doc Door.

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