How to Open Garage Door Manually

How to Open Garage Door Manually

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Instances can happen when you might need to open your garage door manually.

You may be in the middle of a power outage, or your garage door motor fails to work, urging you to make a move on your own.

The last thing you will probably want is to damage your garage door while trying to get your vehicle inside or outside your garage area.

In this case, you need to know how to open the garage door manually.

This way, you will be able to take the right action without wasting much time figuring out what to do.

Opening a Garage Door Manually from the Inside

You might want to get your car out of your garage, but the door system is not letting you.

Here’s to give you some tips on how to open a garage door manually from the inside:

  • Disconnect power connection on the opener.
  • Unlock any latches on your garage door and ensure they’re not locked so that you won’t get any interference while opening the door manually.
  • Locate your garage door’s emergency release cord, and use its handle if the door is closed.
  • Give the emergency release handle a good pull to bring it down in order to disconnect your garage door from the trolley.
  • Lift your garage door by pulling it straight from the bottom until it reaches the top, and make sure it won’t suddenly move as you get your car out of the garage.
  • After you made it outside, close your garage door by pulling it down by hand.

Opening Your Garage Door Manually from the Outside

If you’re about to park your car inside your garage, but the door won’t open, here’s how you can manually open it from the outside:

  • Find your garage door’s emergency release kit. You should locate a small lock at the center near your garage door’s top portion.
  • Unfasten the emergency release cord to put your garage door in manual mode.
  • Locate another lock next to the handle and use your key to turn the handle to a vertical position, and unlock the garage door.
  • Pull the garage door up using your hands and ensure it stays open without any risk of sudden movement before driving your vehicle inside.
  • Once you’ve parked your car safely, close the garage door again by pulling it all the way down.

Safety Precautions When Manually Opening a Garage Door

When opening a garage door using your hands, it’s essential to ensure safety at all times.

You can follow these safety precautions to avoid unwanted accidents:

  • Unplug your automatic door opener’s power cord – You need to do this to prevent any unnecessary movement of the door during manual operation.
  • A powered opener might attempt to open the garage door suddenly, which involves considerable risks.
  • Never pull your garage door’s emergency release when it’s open, as this might cause the door to come crashing down when the power connection gets back.
  • Do not leave your garage door open without anyone looking out for it. Make sure to close it again as soon as possible to avoid accidents.
  • Pay attention to any issues as you reconnect your garage door to its automatic function. If the door moves unevenly, there must be a problem that needs a solution.
  • Know when to contact an expert technician for your garage door manual opening.

You might have to ask for help, especially when you’re having a hard time opening your garage door manually.

This situation can happen if there are further issues with your garage door components.

It’s best to have it checked by a technician for your safety.

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