How to Fix Garage Door Photo Eyes

How to Fix Garage Door Photo Eyes

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Garage doors have different parts with different functions.

Each fragment of your garage door is vital for it to work at its best and it is important to know how each part works for you to be able to provide appropriate solutions when you experience issues with them.

Garage door sensors, also known as “photo eyes” play an important role when it comes to your safety.

The sensors can be found on both ends of the door where one sends a beam of light and the other receives it.

When this beam is blocked by foreign objects, this prompts the garage door to remain open.

Photo Eyes

Photo eyes are placed 6 inches from the ground which is why they are pretty fragile.

They can easily be damaged by many things.

Foreign objects such as dust, dirt, leaves, snow, ice and toys can be some of the possible causes as to why your garage door is opening on its own.

Another reason is the misalignment of your sensors.

This can be caused by loose or uneven door tracks.

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Fixing the Photo Eyes

It is important to know how to fix garage door photo eyes so you have an idea of what to do when you experience this kind of problem.

In fact, this is a handy skill that can be useful one day.

Here, we will provide you with the possible things that you can do to check and fix your garage door sensors.

However, it is best if you call us for professional assistance because adjusting and doing repairs on your own is quite dangerous especially if you don’t have the right tools and adequate knowledge about garage doors and their parts.

Your safety is our priority so if you have any problems with your garage door sensors at any time of the day, call us immediately and we will be there quicker than lightning.

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Before trying to fix your photo eyes, you must first assess the problem that you are experiencing with your garage door.

If your door opens but cannot close or if it partly closes and opens again, then you should consider adjusting your photo eyes.

Your garage door may even produce a clicking sound or your sensors may flash a couple of times.

Next, remove any object that can possibly be blocking the beam coming from the sensor since they can be very sensitive and even the smallest foreign object can cause your photo eyes to stop functioning well.

Check both sensors and assess if their LED lights are flashing.

If one LED light is only blinking, you should try to move it a little and see if it will turn on.

If the LED light goes back on then your door will be functioning well again.

After doing so, check if your sensors are filled with dust and dirt.

A dirty sensor can also affect the functioning of your garage door.

To clean this, you can use an old brush to remove accumulated dirt, grime and dust and then wipe it with a cloth.

Photo eyes can easily acquire a lot of dirt over time since it is on the ground and is always exposed to the road or driveway.

If nothing works, the problem may be coming from the wiring.

We do not recommend that you maneuver the wiring system since this can get really dangerous when it is done by an amateur.

It is best to call for professional assistance to prevent accidental electrocutions or short-circuiting.


Garage doors must undergo regular maintenance checks to ensure that all the parts are working well and also, to assess if they need replacements.

Old and damaged parts can affect the performance of your garage doors and can cause many problems, and possibly, accidents if they are not addressed immediately.

Always contact a professional to assist you with your garage door especially if you do not have any knowledge about these kinds of things.

It is better to pay a little for assistance rather than spend a lot at the hospital.

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