How to Connect Your Garage Door to Your Car

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    How to Connect Your Garage Door to Your Car

    One of the most convenient things that a homeowner can install in their house is a garage door opener. With just the press of a button, either in the car itself or on a remote control, you can open and close your garage door with ease, allowing you to quickly come and go.

    But what do you do in the event that your remote or car control panel isn’t connected to your garage door opener? 

    There are solutions to this conflict, and today, we will break down how to connect your garage door to your car remotely, discussing both control methods so you can get your garage door up and running.

    How Does a Garage Door Communicate with Your Car?

    The first thing that needs to be addressed is that there’s no such thing as a “general” garage door opener. In fact, there are hundreds of different garage door opener models and associated remotes. 

    The majority of North American garage door openers are controlled from a central garage door opener unit consisting of a central computer or signal board, plus a few trolleys and ancillary components.

    In layman’s terms, most garage door openers work when a remote, which can be either carried by hand or installed in your car, sends a radio signal to a receiver built into the garage door opener itself. Radio waves carry a signal between the two devices, which are set to a particular frequency. Common examples of frequencies used include 315 or 390 MHz. The similarity between openers’ chosen radio frequencies is why certain…

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