How To Clean Garage Door Sensors

How To Clean Garage Door Sensors

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Almost all of the household today has a garage area.

There is no denying how convenient garage areas are in our daily lives.

Our garage does not only serve as a car park for our vehicle, but it also serves security for our vehicle.

Although our garage areas are essential, it is also necessary for us to take care of our coverage area, such as the garage door.

We must ensure from time to time its functionality and its cleanliness. This is to keep our garage areas well-functioning and clean.

Tips on How to Clean Garage Door Sensors

One of the garage doors parts that have to be cleaned is the Garage Door’s Sensors.

Both electronic garage doors have safety eye circuits, which are difficult to crack but easy to misalign.

If this sensor senses something in the way of the electronic door as it descends, it prevents the movement and signals the entrance to retract back to its utterly open location.

1. Cleaning the optical sensors

People, pets, and property will all be in the way, so this is a vital safety feature.

If the signal between the two sections is interrupted, the pause is activated.

The sensors have a sender and receiver side and are positioned near the ground.

If the signal is disrupted, the receiver blinks or shuts down.

The garage doors and floors get filthy.

Frequently, the issue is as easy as leaves, dirt, or cobwebs covering the optical sensors.

If the grime is dirty and blocking the signals, a clean, dry rag or towel can easily remove it.

Maintaining a clean garage floor around our door sensors at all times is a must.

Remember that garages are both indoor and outside, and debris accumulates, so check this first if the door is having trouble closing.

2. Reposition the sensor back to the place

This what we called sensor mount is the frame that holds the transmitter and receiver of the sensor.

Aluminum is lightweight and highly malleable moves out of place quickly.

If the sensor is not positioned correctly and without this motility, the damaged car, foot, or other property every time we hit it or break it instead of just knocking it off track.

Luckily, we can use our bare hands to move the sensor right back into position quickly.

There is no need to be worried about this mount being damaged.

It is the second most popular explanation and the most straightforward way to repair a garage door sensor.

An accidental bang with ladders or bikes, or a kick of the foot, may cause harm.

If our door is heavier than usual, we can experience this issue more often, but we’ll grow accustomed to it and have it fixed in a matter of seconds.

3 Adjusting Sensor at Night

If the first two don’t work, they would most likely work if we try again after some time.

Manually open and shut the door until nightfall, when the warning lights would be more readily visible.

The light will stay steady lit if the device is working correctly and is properly positioned.

It will constantly blink or switch off entirely if it is misaligned.

If we try it again when it’s darker outside, we’ll be able to test the locations and see better when the lights come back on.

4. Call for Professional Repair Services

It’s time to call in a professional if the door is still not working correctly.

Water damage, damaged wires from animals, or other damage to the sensor or wires from storing items in garage corners too close to the device are all common problems that go beyond the reach of most homeowners.

These four steps are straightforward to follow and could immediately fix our problem on how to clean garage door sensors.

But it is still best and advisable to seek for repair services to have a more precise reason for the sensor malfunctions.

One of these companies is Docdoor.

Docdoor offers great services in repairing problems such as garage issues etc.

Contacting them does not only give precise answers but also accurate and positive results on the issues.

Plus, the Docdoor services is fast and quick.

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Peter MacDonald

Peter MacDonald

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