Hobby project of ‘Northern Aliens’ in Terrace Bay, Ont. captures attention of people across the globe

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    Hobby project of ‘Northern Aliens’ in Terrace Bay, Ont. captures attention of people across the globe

    Hand-crafted alien sculptures created by a man in Terrace Bay, Ont., are beginning to capture the attention of people across the globe.

    Northern Aliens are handmade, bright green, wooden creatures that began popping up along the north shore of Lake Superior in 2016, but now they’ve made their way as far north as the Arctic Circle and as far south as Mexico.

    “We would just open up the garage door and put on some Frank Sinatra and listen to some music,” Terry Bell, founder of Northern Aliens, said in an interview with CBC Radio. “The whole family was watching The X-Files and Star Trek, and we got this crazy idea, we’ll make lawn ornaments out of plywood and make them into aliens.”

    In 2016, Bell’s father-in-law began showing signs of Alzheimer’s disease so creating the aliens was a way for the family to keep his mind and hands occupied, while making use of his previous lawn ornament making skills.

    At first, Bell and his family had the aliens popping up around the township, leaving community members scratching their heads as to where the creatures were coming from. Bell then created a Facebook Page called Northern Aliens, which began to form a community around the now coveted sculptures.

    “Now that I’m retired, I’m doing more. When COVID hit, we wanted something to do. So everybody was glad to see me get out of the house into the garage,” Bell said while laughing. “But before that, if I had some plywood or had some paint or some money to do it, I went ahead and did…

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