Garage Door Track Adjustment & Replacement

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Have you ever experienced that as you leave your home because of an important agenda, your garage door suddenly crashes and does not work?

According to expert technicians in garage door repair, having a garage door off track is one reason this happens. Aside from the frustration that having a garage door off track can cause you, it can also damage equipment and severe injuries to you and your family.

We are sure that you do not want this to happen to you, so if you need to adjust or replace your garage door tracks, do so immediately.

If you are not comfortable doing this, we at Overhead Door repair will be able to fix this issue within the day. We understand the inconvenience this has caused you, so we will do our best to restore your garage door’s proper operation in just about an hour or less.

Do not hesitate to call professional garage door services to fix the garage door track as this is one of the most critical aspects of the garage door’s overall function.

Causes of Misaligned and Broken Tracks

According to some garage door repair services, the off-track garage door is one of the common issues that they often encounter whenever someone asks for their help when it comes to various garage door problems. According to them, there are multiple reasons why tracks have been misaligned and damaged.

One of the main reasons why garage door tracks do not function properly may be due to obstruction that the safety sensor is not detected that blocks the door every time it closes.

You may also have had your car hit the garage door, so it went off track. It may be that in a hurry, you accidentally hit it and caused it to lose its proper alignment.

You can also look for other garage door components such as door openers, rollers, lift cables, or the entire track system.

Track Repair and Replacement

Once you are sure that something is wrong with your garage door track and it is not such a severe issue, you can fix it on your own. You can perform all these steps with proper caution and safety measure with necessary tools such as pliers, locking pliers, and a rubber mallet.

  1. Disconnect the garage door opener to enable the garage door manually.
  2. To make sure the garage door is disconnected from the garage door opener, open it manually.
  3. Once the door is open. You can now look for the wheels that are missing on its tracks. Localizing jamming wheels can be quite challenging for DIY first-timers. Call for professional support.
  4. Once you have found the jamming wheels, stop the tracks with the locking pliers. Then return the wheels to the track and make sure it is secured.
  5. Now that the wheels are in the correct position, use the rubber mallet to return the garage door to the proper track.
  6. Then, test the garage door manually to see if it is operating correctly and in balance. After you use the garage door manually, I will try its automatic operation.

DIY VS. Professional Garage Door Fix

Although it may seem easy to adjust and replace the wheels and tracks, it is still best to seek professional technicians’ help to ensure your safety. We do not encourage you to repair or replace any part of your garage door, especially if you do not have proper training. Go for technical assistance.

Garage Door Off Track Repair Cost

The cost of repairing garage door tracks can range from $ 125 to $ 400. This service includes $ 59 to $ 100 in replacement if it is bent or dented.

For some homeowners, it may be a bit expensive. Still, our only advice is not to regret the cost of repairing your garage doors’ components because each of these components is important for the betterment of your garage door’s safety and lifespan.

It is better to spend on repairing the garage door than to spend on treatment due to injury caused by damaged components.

Garage Door Tune-up?

If your garage door is experiencing various issues, you can send us a message. In Overhead Door, we offer garage door tune-up and maintenance for cheap but quality products and services.

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