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The garage door opener is one of the components that play a significant role in the garage door’s operation. It helps to close and open the garage door smoothly, so if your garage door does not correctly work, one of the first things you can look for is the garage door opener. It may be damaged or broken, so it affects the garage door.

Before deciding whether to fix or replace it, you first have a lot of things to look at and consider. Before taking any action, you should first determine what exactly is wrong with your garage door and garage door opener.

If you think you are unable to troubleshoot a garage door, you can call Overhead door repair services to make sure your garage door is working correctly again.

Determine if You need Garage Door Opener Repair

To find out if you need a garage door opener repair, first, make sure that the garage door opener is really faulty and not the other component or the garage door itself. Many garage door services can take advantage of you and immediately replace the garage door opener even if you are unsure if this is really the problem.

In Overhead Door, we offer free tune-up services where we will ask you some questions regarding your garage door to make sure it is really the part of the garage door that needs to be replaced. We will help you resolve the problem with your garage door, and we will fix it ourselves.

These are the possible questions we can ask you to resolve the problem with your garage door opener

  1. Is the garage door closed?
  2. Does the garage door open?
  3. Is the closing and opening of the garage door slow?
  4. Is the garage door noisy every time it is opened and closed?

Repairing or Replacing a Garage Door Opener

After finding out and determining the problem with your garage door and garage door opener, it is here to decide if it needs to be repaired or replaced permanently.

  1. If your garage door does not open and closes, the first thing to do is try to disconnect the garage door opener and open the garage door manually. If the garage door opener opens and closes manually, the garage door opener is not the problem here.
  2. If your garage door closes and opens slowly, the garage door opener may be the problem. To solve this, make sure that there is no debris and obstruct the track that may be causing the garage door to slow down.
  3. If your garage door is sagging, we are sure that the garage door opener is not the problem here. Its problem may be in the door system when you try to open it up to half, and when you release, it immediately falls off.
  4. If you hear a noise when the garage door is operating, determine exactly where that sound really comes from. It may come from the garage door opener, but it is also very likely to come from the garage door itself.
  5. You can also inspect other components such as springs, tracks, cables, hinges, and rollers that may be causing your garage door problem.

Do not try to replace the garage door on your own to avoid such injuries. Replacing it requires a lot of hard work.

Cost to Replace Garage Door Opener

Please expect that the cost of replacing your garage door opener is quite expensive because it is quite challenging to do, and the price of the garage door opener is also costly.

The cost of installing a garage door opener depends on what model you want. The lowest you can afford to install it is at $ 219 to $ 510. It can cost up to $ 800, including equipment rental and technician fees.

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