Garage Door Opener Repair Ottawa

Garage Door Opener Repair Ottawa

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The garage door opener is among the essential parts of your garage.

You cannot open your garage door fully without it.

Either your garage door does not open fully, your garage door is not responding to your remote, or that it is not working, our garage door repair company got your back.

Here in Ottawa, our skilled professionals are here to help you significantly in situations requiring our technical assistance.

With our knowledge, we can get your garage working without flaws.

Below are some of our insights on how to fix a garage door opener.

Checking Your Door And Being Mindful Of Your Safety

To accurately determine what the problem is, you need to eliminate your options. Check your garage door.

Be sure that your door is closed before pulling the emergency release cord.

If your door is lifting smoothly, then the problem is with your garage door tracks, rollers, or springs, not in your opener.

This step alone lets you figure out what is wrong. While working, be mindful of your actions.

If it is a broken spring, you should not pull the string while the door is in an open position.

You could sustain lethal injuries. It always pays to be safe at all times.

Your Garage Door Remote Is Not Working

A garage door opener is usually remote-controlled. If the remote is not working, expect your garage door will not open too.

The solution to this is simple. You can opt to replace the batteries, buy a new remote, or get a new receiver.

Check the batteries first. If you change the batteries and still nothing happens, it is the time when buying a new remote is the option.

There are times when you cannot locate a remote suitable for your garage door opener.

Installing a new receiver is recommended.

A receiver works by replacing the radio frequency of the opener with its own.

Set it up by plugging the new receiver into an outlet near to the opener.

Run the two wires given. Make sure they run on the same terminals where the wall switch is connected.

By then, your remote can function well.

Replacing The Trolley Carriage When The Door Doesn’t Open

A moving trolley carriage does not always equate to a functioning garage door.

A broken trolley carriage requires replacement. To do this, discard the old one.

The first step in the repairing process is to secure the chain to the rail before pulling the old one.

After doing so, separate the chains from the sides of the trolley.

This step allows you to dislodge the rail from the bracket and move it to another side.

You can now slide the old trolley off and instantly replacing it with the new one.

Once done, you will reconnect the chain and fix the chain tension.

Your Garage Door Does Not Close Totally

In a garage door, there are two distinct knobs located on the garage door opener.

These knobs control the door as it travels up and down and how far it goes.

Typically, your garage door should be pressing against the ground, and the weather stripping seals any gap.

Your garage door traveling excessively down will cause the bowing of the rail upward, wearing and tearing on the gears.

Your garage door should be traveling up.

This movement allows the bottom of the door to maintain the same height as the doorjamb.

The trolley must be secure enough to stop before hitting the doorstop. The doorstop prevents the carriage from crashing.

Therefore, adjusting your door’s travel is among the various fix for your entry.

Your Garage Door Opener Makes A Noise But Is Not Moving

Your garage door opener sounds like it is moving when it is not.

It is a problem that needs repair. The usual cause of this problem is the main drive gear.

Your primary drive gear is the most common part that fails in garage door openers.

And it is also a tricky component to replace. You need to remove several factors before getting to the gear.

If you successfully get the gear out, remove it from the shaft and continue with putting a lubricant all over it.

Lubricants lessen the noise.

If, by any chance, your garage door opener is still not working, contact our garage door repair company here in Ottawa, and we will look for the problem, fix it right just for you.

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Peter MacDonald

Peter MacDonald

I have been servicing garage doors since I can remember. Over the years I noticed I can help my clients better if they get detailed answers to their questions beforehand. In this blog I share my tips and thoughts so you can better understand the issue you might be facing and my companies approach to fix it.

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