Garage Door Off Track Repair Ottawa

Garage Door Off Track Repair Ottawa

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Does your garage door off track need repair? Then you are in the right place.

A garage door off track that is not functioning leads to inconvenience and could cause severe injuries to you and your property.

Here in Ottawa, our garage door repair company is among the best.

We can offer you the most accommodating service you can experience to fix your garage door or overhead door off track.

What Happens If Your Garage Door Is Off Track?

You should be able to identify when your garage door is off track with undeniable signs.

If your garage door is already more than ten years old, the chances of garage door off-tracking occurring are more frequent.

This problem happens mostly because, over time, when your garage door or overhead door is working continuously, the parts are worn out.

You will then find your door shift from its designated position to an awkward, uneven, half-way down or up position.

What Causes Your Garage Door To Come Off Track?

There are three common causes of garage door off track.

These are broken springs, damaged doors, and bad rollers.

These three are among the essential parts that make your garage door or overhead door works.

If they fail, a problem will arise. A broken spring will cause only one side of the entrance to carry the load.

A lousy roller if malfunctioning can stop your door from opening and closing.

And a damaged door, combined with the other two, can lead to a garage door off track.

How Do You Repair And Fix Garage Door Off Track?

An important thing to remember is when you are experiencing this problem, no matter how much you want to fix and repair your door, do not do it without proper knowledge or supervision.

Remember to stop operating it as soon as possible.

This kind of problem is fixable with advice from an experienced technician.

That is why our garage door repair company made sure you will be knowledgable through reading the steps and procedures below.

Opening The Door And Locating The Wheels

The first thing you might want to do is prepare the tools needed.

A mallet and locking pliers and pliers are all you will be needing.

Once you have it on hand, proceed with disconnecting the opener.

Do this step by pulling the rope that connects the opener and door.

Pull the string to be able to operate the door manually.

From the opener, release the door before trying to lift it.

Remember, you cannot lift the door alone.

It is better to call for an extra pair of hands to help you.

Once you are successful in raising the door open, carefully look for the wheels getting off track.

If you cannot locate it immediately, it is better to call for our garage door repair company here in Ottawa.

This step usually requires an expert.

Work On Bringing Back The Track

However, if you are successful in locating the jamming wheels, advance with making an effort to put a stop on the tracks.

This step is by snapping the locking pliers. Guarantee that the locking pliers are tightening the tracks well.

If it is holding out, you can hold the track’s outer edge with pliers and pull it.

This step enables you to get the wheels back on the track.

If you are confident that the wheels are back on track, use a rubber mallet to secure it back to its right position.

After doing so, the best option is to check manually if your door is running smoothly.

Be sure that your garage door or overhead door is balanced.

You can now remove the lock pliers and move the door with your hands.

When To Call A Garage Door Technician?

Make sure to double-check your door, check if it is hanging straight, the door opener, and the door itself is running.

Also, try to test if it responds to the remote control if your door is automatic.

If it is working as it is supposed to be, you have done the procedure accurately and safely.

However, if there is still something wrong, such as the door is hanging crookedly or making some noise when moving, it is the best time to call for our garage door repair company.

Our team here in Ottawa are professionals and proficient, and we can guarantee a foul-proof outcome for your garage door or overhead door.

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Peter MacDonald

Peter MacDonald

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