Garage Door Installation Ottawa

Garage Door Installation Ottawa

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Decades after you installed your garage door, and now it is malfunctioning beyond repair.

The best option left for you is to install a new garage door or overhead door.

Here in Ottawa, our garage door repair company provides you the safety steps and procedures to follow in installing a garage door.

What Do You Need For The Installation?

Before anything else, you will need materials, how complicated the installation process is, and how much it would cost.

A garage door or overhead door installation will require technical skills and basic knowledge about mechanics.

Our garage door repair company will guide you through it.

You will need tools including level, open-ended wrench, drill, drill bits, hammer, driver bit, socket bit, adjusting locker pliers, and safety glasses.

You will also need ½” diameter-sized rods. And most importantly, your garage door or overhead door should be ready for installation.

Releasing And Removing The Existing Garage Door

The first step to this installation procedure is to disengage your old garage door to give your new one space.

To do this, you will need to release the tension in the torsion spring.

You should start by clamping the locking pliers on the spring’s shaft and make sure you wedge the pliers against the header wall.

Then grab your steel rods. Locate the holes in the spring winding cone.

Once done, insert the steel rod, tightly hold on to it and gradually loosen the setscrews.

Have two rods in place. One to hold the cone steady, and the other to turn the cone after removing the first rod.

If the tension is released, safely remove the existing garage door opener.

If your garage door opener is automatic, removing its track from above is the best choice.

Follow it by eliminating the opener. If it is not automatic, you can begin disconnecting the garage door panels by dislodging the hinges.

Then unscrew the track from the doorframe.

Installing and Securing Door Panels, Track, and Hinges

If you are worried about the workload, do not be, our garage door repair company here in Ottawa will lead you.

Begin by installing your new garage or overhead door.

After releasing the tension, install a reinforcing bar on the top panel, drilling pilot holes in it, and using screws to fasten the bar.

It requires you to attach hinges to each panel’s top and then the axle on the bottom and top.

Hold the bottom panel, putting it into the door opening, pushing a nail into the wall to secure it in place.

You must check the level before proceeding to the next panel. After doing so, ensure the hinges from inside the garage.

Establish the tracks by attaching brackets to the track pieces, setting them against the wall, and lying the wheels properly on it.

Connect the door cable before the bottom bracket is a lodge to the wall.

Attaching The Springs, Spring Assembly, And Track Bolting

To attach the spring assembly to the track, join the pieces to support it, then look for the track’s curved portion.

This portion will rest on the vertical part, connecting it next to the ceiling bracket.

Pierce a hole to the horizontal track to line it up with the vertical track.

They will be attached. Bolt the track together. Watch out for the size of the bolt. It must fit perfectly.

Then install the springs.

In garage doors or overhead doors, you must append the spring anchors to the springs in garage doors or overhead doors, then followed by the spring locking cone.

It would help if you tightened the springs to the main header bracket.

Dealing With Torsion Rod, Pulleys, And Cables

The torsion rod must be in the side header brackets’ holes, connecting the pulleys to each rod’s end.

In dealing with the cables, you need to work on it from below, settling it to the pulley wheel.

Slide the wheel to the header bracket.

On the outside of the bracket, do not forget to toughen a pair of locking pliers.

Finally, you have to double-check the springs.

Do not hesitate to check your manual if you want to go over the procedure step by step.

Your newly installed garage door would work well if you followed the steps provided above.

If it is no, better call our garage door repair company here in Ottawa, and we may be able to locate and fix the problem.

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Peter MacDonald

Peter MacDonald

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