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Many homeowners are not very familiar with every component of their garage door and its functions because they do not often pay attention to it, especially those that are not very visible. When you ask them, they probably do not know much about the functions of these components. Like garage door panels, openers, pulleys, hinges, rollers, and springs, cables are one of the features that homeowners often overlook.

Garage door cables are the most underappreciated part of the garage door, according to garage door repair services. Homeowners who have a modern garage door consider cable as an old-school thing, but they do not know that without cables, the apps they use to open the garage door will not work when they are far away. Many are unaware that cables provide tremendous help in operating garage doors and other parts of them.

Two Types of Garage Door

There are two types of garage door cables that help the garage door to operate smoothly. This component is usually related to torsion springs, and without the wires, the other garage door components will also be useless.

1. Lifting Cables

Lifting cables are the cables that transfer energy to the springs so that they can adequately lift the garage door. You can look for things to know if your garage door’s lifting cables have been suspended and if it needs to be replaced.

If your garage door has difficulty closing, chances are it has broken springs or broken lifting cable. It requires immediate action and can be replaced immediately to avoid further problems.

2. Safety Cables

On the other hand, safety cables are the cables that protect you and your belongings against accidents that can occur when something goes wrong with garage door springs. Keeping garage door safety cables in good condition is essential so that you can use them in case you have a problem, and this is what you need.

To avoid this kind of problem, schedule regular maintenance from professional garage door technicians. You can also inspect the garage door components on your own once a month to ensure each part is in good condition.

What Causes Garage Doors to Slip Off?

Inevitably, sometimes garage door cables will suddenly slip off from its drums or have a malfunction. There are many reasons why this happens, and one of them is due to improper adjustment of springs, clogged tracks, mismatched cables and drums, and failure of the garage door’s auto-reverse feature.

To avoid the problems mentioned:

  1. Make sure the auto-reverse feature of the garage door is always checked.
  2. Check if the springs on your garage door are correctly placed, not damaged, and not the wrong type of garage door springs.
  3. Check to see if the cables and drums are compatible, especially in size.
  4. Make sure that the garage door tracks are clean and free of any dirt or debris.

If you are not comfortable doing these things, you should seek help from professional garage door builders to avoid any accidents, especially when it comes to springs and cables.

Fixing Broken Garage Door Cables

Damaged cables can affect the smooth operation of the garage door and can ruin your day. If your garage door does not open, you will not be able to use it as well as the appliances listed here.

Because it is too dangerous to work with high-torsion and cables, we recommend you call a professional overhead door repair service rather than fix and replace the wires yourself. We offer same-day service and warranties.

How Much Does it Cost to Fix Cables?

Garage door cables cost $ 15 each and $ 30 in pairs. The total cost of replacing garage door cables will range from $ 90 to $ 115, including a professional garage door company’s service or installation fee.


Ensure that every repair done to any component of your garage door is done by a licensed and qualified professional. If you need help repairing your garage door, you can send a message to our overhead door repair services. We offer a variety of garage door services. Call our experienced technicians today!

If you also need a garage door renovation, our garage door fix company can help you a lot. We offer a cheap and durable garage door as well as its maintenance to reduce its lifespan further.

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