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Most modern garage doors already have an automatic garage door opener that helps homeowners make it easier for them to open and close the garage door. This will be an obstacle when the garage door opener becomes a problem, especially for homeowners who use their garage door every day.

Your day is really ruined when you are in a hurry, and suddenly your garage door opener does not work. We are sure that you do not want this to happen to you in the middle of an important appointment, so we will find out the reasons for the problem with the garage door opener and what you should do when you experience it.

When your garage door opener suddenly stops functioning correctly, you can easily find out what might have caused it. You can perform troubleshooting to find out what the next step is for you to take. Solutions to any garage door opener related problems are easy to understand and implement. Here are the most common garage door opener problems and the answer to them.

If you have done all this and your garage door opener is still not working correctly, you will need to consult with professionals who can fix your garage door opener.

Power Source has been Disrupted

As with any other problem related to electricity, the first thing to check is whether the power source works.

Make sure the outlet where the garage door opener is is plugged in as well as the cord. When the garage door does not respond when pressing the remote or wall switch, there is a high probability that the power source has been disrupted. It is also possible that the fuse or circuit breaker that provides power to the door opener is burned out.

Remote Control or Keypad Stops Operating the Opener

When the garage door opener stops operating when the remote control or mounted keypad stops functioning, you can do many solutions here.

  1. Move closer to the garage door because you may be far from the range of the antenna inside the garage.
  2. Make sure the antenna is hanging down and that it is not damaged.
  3. If the garage door opens through a wall switch, the remote may have a problem and need a battery replacement.
  4. The last thing you can do if the above still does not work is to reset the keypad or remote control. You can search online for information or instructions on how to program it.

Garage Door Fail to Close Completely

It also often happens with the garage door opener that it opens correctly but does not close completely. Usually, this problem is due to three reasons.

  1. Close-limit switch adjustment may be required. The switch limit instructs the motor when it should stop working whether the garage door is closed or opened. If you set the close-limit switch incorrectly, it will prevent the door from closing. It also causes the garage door opener to come back whenever you try to close the door.
  2. Another possible cause of this problem is due to safety sensors. Safety sensors may need to be adjusted. It is located under the door track. The sightlines of the two eye sensors must be unobstructed so that the door can close smoothly. If anything blocks it, it will not close permanently.
  3. It may also be the cause of the problem is due to rusted or damaged rollers, but this rarely happens. Replacing them or applying silicone lubricants can solve the problem with your garage door opener.

Garage Door Fail to Open Completely

If your garage door opens but only halfway, it may be for these reasons:

  1. Failure to close the garage door permanently is due to an up-limit switch. It may be necessary to bring the up-limit switch closer to the motor unit because when it is too far, the motor will close the door before it opens completely. This issue is a rare problem but usually occurs with a newly installed garage door opener.
  2. This may also be due to balky or damaged rollers. You can replace it or lubricate the rusty rollers.

Need help?

All the solutions mentioned in the problem can occur in the garage door opener; you can do it on your own, but it is better to seek help from expert technicians. If you need services on any component of your garage door, you can send us a message. We also offer high-quality but affordable overhead door renovation. If you are interested, call us now!

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