Broken Torsion Spring Repair Ottawa

Broken Torsion Spring Repair Ottawa

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Ensuring the safety of your home means ensuring the safety of your family.

Most homeowners think that behind closed doors, their homes and families are already safe.

But it would be better to provide more robust security means for your home.

One of the things you can do is install an efficient garage door.

Aside from keeping your car, garage, and home safe, there are other benefits a garage door has to offer.

Advanced garage doors support energy-saving technology.

This feature is most helpful if you live in areas that experience harsh weather.

Places that are located in a temperate climate, such as Ottawa, have colder winters.

A garage door with energy-efficient technology can help preserve the heat inside your home, thanks to the weatherstripping attached to the bottom of the door.

The true mark of a modern home is comfort and convenience.

But what happens when all of a sudden your garage door stops working?

Indeed, a garage door that doesn’t budge is far from convenient.

If anything, it’s additional stress. But don’t worry because there are many garage door repair companies available within the vicinity of Ottawa.

Garage door not working? Check the torsion springs

Many things can cause damage or deterioration to your garage door. One of those is a broken torsion spring.

If such were the case, you would not be able to open your garage door.

What are torsion springs?

The function of a garage door is to lift and lower your garage door smoothly.

It is made of heavy metal springs. For the springs to operate, it twists on a horizontal bar along with the cables.

When closed, the torsion springs will tighten, while it unwinds when the door raises.

The design of the garage door torsion springs is significantly unique.

For one, it has to match the weight of the door itself. If your garage door is more massive, then it will require thicker torsion springs to be able to lift the door.

Like most parts, torsion springs will break over time. It can be for many reasons, such as exposure to elements and often use.

Don’t worry because it is normal. However, if your torsion springs, it’s ideal that you do not touch it.

Without the pressure of the torsion springs, the garage door may accidentally shut close.

You should call an expert or professional technician to take a look at your door and fix it.

Replacing the torsion springs of your garage door

Repairing broken torsion springs is dangerous. Since it is under extreme tension, repairing torsion springs isn’t like any of your DIY projects.

It requires special tools. It is always suggested that you hire a professional to fix and replace torsion springs.

When replacing torsion springs, make sure that the opener is not corrected to the power source.

Clamp the garage door to the metal tracks to prevent the door from opening when the pressure is released.

Insert the winding bar into the cone to keep the spring in place.

It would help if you kept the bar in the cone to prevent accidents and injuries.

After that, you’ll have to loosen the torsion hardware and remove it.

You also need to remove the cables, springs, and cable drums.

When looking for a replacement, you should pick out the same one installed on your door. Measure the old spring.

Take note of the diameter and the length of the spring itself.

Make sure that you also note the winding orientation of the springs.

This would come in handy when purchasing new springs for the replacement.

When installing the new torsion springs, install the center bearing to the door and the new springs.

Secure them with the cones. Ascertain the tensions of the springs are the same on both sides.

This is very crucial; if the pressures of the springs are not equal, your door may open unevenly.

Test your garage door first before using it. Try lifting it only up to three meters off the ground.

The door should not fall to the ground. If the door remains in place, the installation is successful.

Don’t forget to lubricate the torsion springs with garage door lubricant.

It’s one way of keeping your springs in top-notch condition.

It would not only prolong the lifespan of the springs, but you can also expect overall optimum performance from your garage door.

For expert garage door fixes, repair, tune-up, and replacement, Garage Doc Door is available in Ottawa.

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Peter MacDonald

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