Wifi Garage Door Opener Explained

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    Wifi Garage Door Opener Explained

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    Most residential buildings and family homes have garage doors installed.

    Because of its functionality, garage doors have become an essential implement to your house.

    It keeps your garage, home, and even your family safe, thanks to its intricate security measures.

    Compared to other cities, Ottawa is a considerably safe place to live in.

    But when it is about your home and family’s safety, you do not want to take any chances.

    Since safety should be among your primary considerations, you should opt for nothing less than a reliable and efficient garage door.

    Garage doors aren’t new. It has been a part of the modern home for decades already.

    The wireless garage door openers existed as early as the 1930s.

    But technology and innovation had been a factor in improving parts and parcels of your home.

    Of course, everything seems dependent on technology nowadays.

    Many homes have complex security systems installed, usually powered by technology or the internet.

    And the garage door is no exception to that.

    With that, many homeowners were persuaded to replace their old manual garage doors with a wifi-generated smart garage door.

    But what is the deal about smart garage door openers?

    What is a wifi-powered smart garage door opener?

    A smart garage door opener is just like the ordinary garage door, but it can connect to the wifi network.

    And as long as the user is connected to the internet, he can operate the garage door from a distance using a remote control.

    And the remote control can be installed on a smartphone via an app.

    That’s how convenient smart garage doors work.

    By installing the remote control app on your phone, you will be able to operate the garage door with your handy phone.

    A smart garage door opener is considered a smart home automation devices.

    As long as you have a good internet connection, you can expect convenience and assistance from your house.

    What are the features of a wifi garage door opener?

    Like any other garage door, a wifi-generated garage door opener does what’s it meant to do.

    Since it is installed in your garage, it’s not like any door in your home.

    It’s made with durable and sturdy materials, designed for long-lasting.

    It keeps your garage, your cars, and other things stored in your garage safe.

    It can send you notifs of the activity log

    But there are other features that make wifi garage door openers a smarter choice.

    There are many smartphone apps that can send notifications and alerts if there are any activities in your garage door.

    Another feature of smart garage doors is that they keep an activity log of your garage door.

    You can also customize the control app of your garage door.

    If there are weird activities, you can customize your garage door to snap pictures from the security camera.

    This feature can be useful as a home security measure.

    It can connect to the IFTTT service

    If you prefer a comprehensive home security system, it’s best that your appliances and gadgets are connected to the If This, Then That (IFTTT) service.

    Whenever a gadget detected some security activity in your home, other devices connected to the IFTTT service will also get the notification.

    Smart garage doors allow users and homeowners to connect it to the IFTTT, strengthening your home’s security measures.

    It can be controlled via voice assistants

    And when we’re talking about convenience and modernity, there’s nothing more like that than having your home connected to voice assistants.

    Just ask Amazon’s Alexa or Google Assistant to control your garage door.

    You can even ask for a real-time update of the condition of your garage door.

    Install a wifi-powered smart garage door opener with Garage Doc Door

    Most homes, if not all, are already connected to the internet.

    It’s easier, more convenient, and provides for a more intricate and comprehensive security system.

    If you consider upgrading or replacing your recent garage door, consider other factors such as technology-compatible and safety.

    If you are located in Ottawa, Garage Doc Door can install a smart garage door in your home.

    Garage Doc Door also provides other services for your garage door, such as repair, tune-up, and replacement.

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