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    Steel Garage Door Repair Ottawa

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    Steel garage doors are among the best garage doors or overhead doors for durability, safety, and security.

    Here in Ottawa, our garage door repair company can assure you that choosing steel garage doors will be worthy.

    If you find yourself in trouble with your steel garage door, below are the lists of some problems you may be experiencing and how we think you can address them.

    Fixing Peeling Paint On Your Door

    Common problems that owners are facing with steel garage doors are the scraping of paint.

    This problem may seem minor, but it can affect the overall look of your door.

    The cause of colors peeling off is exposure to elements, such as the sun’s heat.

    It also can be because of incorrectly applying the paint.

    Steel garage doors do not have a porous surface, unlike wooden garage doors.

    That is why it is harder for the colors to stick. Hence, repainting a steel garage door will happen frequently.

    Scraping The Chipped Paint And Washing Your Door

    For you to repaint your steel garage doors or overhead doors, start with scraping all the chipped and bubbled paint off with a putty knife.

    The next step is sanding the areas where the paints have been using sandpaper of choice.

    Sanding your door will make the surface rough, allowing the colors to stain more to the metal.

    Be sure to sand rust as well.

    Proceed with washing your garage door with a soap solution and water.

    Use a sponge to clean the surface, and remember to wear gloves to protect your hands from the chemicals.

    Rinse your garage door afterward, and wipe it dry.

    Checking And Applying The Primer And Paint

    It is essential to apply a rust-inhibiting steel primer on your door before painting over it.

    Wait for at least two hours after the primer, and test your paint on the surface by applying it on a small area first.

    After another two hours, if the color sets well, you can proceed with painting the whole door with acrylic-latex exterior paint.

    Use a paint roller in doing so. Remember to check the paint can for label or information that may help you.

    Fixing A Dent On Your Steel Garage Doors

    Dents on steel garage doors will require minimal repair.

    You can use materials usually found in your homes, such as a bucket, soap, hose, sponge, aluminum foil, a lighter, and an air can.

    Clean the area with dents. Then cover the spot with the aluminum foil.

    Make sure to cover all marks.

    You are using the lighter, heat the entire area with a flame for a minute.

    Be sure that your motion will be consistent. Once done, you can remove the foil and take the air can.

    With the can positioned upside down, spray the dent for at least 30 seconds.

    With this, the marks shall disappear.

    If it does not, considering calling our garage door repair company here in Ottawa.

    Your Door Closes Half-Way Only, And It Is Noisy

    One of the common problems of garage doors or overhead doors is not closing all the way.

    Among the causes of this problem is an issue with the photo-eye.

    You can fix it by adjusting the pivot, making the photo-eyes parallel.

    Removing dirt, debris, and anything blocking the photo-eye will be helpful as well.

    Another problem to deal with is when your garage door is unusually noisy.

    The noise may be due to loose hardware, worn rollers, or parts needing lubrication.

    You can fix this by spraying simply the springs, rollers, hinges, and lift cables with lubricants.

    Also, be sure to tighten any loose parts. Replace the worn-out rollers and hinges should, if necessary.

    If you think you did not solve the problem, call our team of garage door technicians.

    We will repair the problem for you.

    Things To Remember About Steel Garage Doors

    Steel garage doors have many benefits.

    Although your door may need fixing and repairing from time to time, steel garage doors are worthy.

    A steel door will last longer.

    It can withstand attacks better than other entries.

    The steel door comes with excellent insulation, and its panels are easy to attach.

    Not only your door will require less maintenance, but you will also be spending a lot less.

    If you plan to repair, fix, or install a steel garage door or overhead door, our team of professionals is always available to serve you.

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