How To Open Garage When Power Goes Out

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    How To Open Garage When Power Goes Out

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    How To Open Garage When Power Goes Out – One of the terrifying things that could happen to a garage owner is when you cannot open your garage because the power is out.

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    If your garage door or overhead door is dependent on electricity or automatic, it could be a significant problem.

    However, if it operates manually, the problem could as well be minor.

    Here in Ottawa, power outages happen.

    If you are thinking of how to open your garage in these difficult times, worry no more.

    Our garage door repair company provides a guide on how to navigate your garage door manually.

    Below are the steps on how to open your door without a problem.

    Ensure That Your Door Is In The Right Position

    Before doing anything else, observe your garage door. Your door must be in a down position.

    This position is safe enough for you to proceed with disengaging your garage door opener from your garage door.

    You should never attempt to liberate anything if the door is still open.

    As garage door repair technicians, we strongly advise you not to do so.

    Your door might have a broken spring, it is unsteady, and just one wrong move could cause your garage door to slam directly on the ground.

    You might have an injury, and we do not want that to happen.

    If your garage door is stuck, you will be required to call our repair team to aid you.

    Locating And Pulling The Emergency Release Cord Is Essential

    The emergency release cord is a rope usually red in color, but not all the time.

    It is hanging from the garage door trolley, and you can locate it quickly near the front of your garage door.

    The trolley, which connects to the door, enables it to move as it opens and closes.

    The trolley is also lined to the garage door opener carriage, causing your garage door to proceed with the garage door opener automatically.

    Once you pulled the emergency release cord, you can expect that your garage door can work without power because you disconnect the trolley from the garage door opener carriage.

    This step only means that your garage door will operate manually.

    Manually Operating Your Door To Down Position

    After pulling the emergency release cord and freely operating your door manually, there should be no problem except when your garage door or overhead door is unusually heavy for you to lift.

    This problem is most commonly a result of broken springs.

    Springs are the ones that lift your garage door.

    If they happen to be malfunctioning, you cannot open the door the way you want to.

    The best option there is to replace the springs.

    To do so, you need to call our garage door repair company for professional assistance.

    Replacing a broken spring may be quite tricky.

    Engaging The Carrier And Connecting The Trolley

    If electricity happens to be back, you need to reattach the garage door carriage.

    To do this, you can pull the emergency release cord towards your door.

    This action allows the spring lever to compress, hence, providing the mechanisms to reconnect.

    For the trolley to reattach with the opener, the movement is merely rolling your door up and down.

    So when the trolley and the opener pass by each other, a clicking sound will be noticeable.

    This sound is a signal that you can operate your garage door automatically again.

    Opening Your Garage Door From Outside Your Garage

    If you happen to be outside and cannot open your garage door, our garage door repair company will walk you through it.

    The thing you should be doing is to prepare a long wire.

    It would be best to reach the emergency release cord from the outside with this wire.

    In doing this, your wire should have a hook-shape at the end.

    If you manage to put the wire inside through the gap or holes you can locate, you will hook the wire up on the trolley’s handle.

    After doing so, pull it back.

    This action, if successful, enables you to operate your door from the outside manually.

    Take note if you have an emergency door kit installed, you can always opt to use it.

    If the steps above do not work for you, we highly advise you to call our team of garage door technicians to help you all the way.

    Here in Ottawa, we assure you we are among the best.

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