Garage Door Won’t Close All The Way? Here’s What You Can Do

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    Garage doors are inventions that are undeniably wonderful and convenient.

    Having a garage door, you know how beneficial it is to owning one.

    But, as much as it gives you the convenience you desire, it may also leave you with troubles you despise.

    Relying too much on the luxury your garage door provides, you may find yourself at loss once it malfunctions.

    Faulty operation of your garage door can be caused by a variety of reasons.

    If you notice that your garage door won’t close, it is most likely that you are experiencing problems with its components.

    To figure out what is wrong with your door, Garage Door Repair Doctors are here to assist you.

    We provide a wide selection of dependable garage door services that you can choose from.

    Allow us to restore the luxury that your garage door once provided by bringing it back to its optimal condition.

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    What To Do With A Garage Door That Won’t Close?

    Are you dealing with a garage door that refuses to close properly?

    The first step is to figure out what’s causing the door to stop moving.

    With this, you can now acquire ways to effectively solve the issue.

    If your garage door won’t close all the way, here’s what you can do.

    Remove objects blocking your garage door

    Automatic garage doors are now equipped with safety sensors.

    These sensors can detect whether or not someone or something is blocking the door.

    If your garage door won’t close all the way and keeps opening, check to see if something is blocking the garage door’s path.

    Moreover, make sure that there isn’t anything trapped in the door’s tracks or on the door itself that could keep it from closing.

    Check safety sensors for problems

    If you’ve taken out everything that could be blocking the door and it’s still jammed, the problem may be rooted from the safety sensors.

    This occurs when one of the safety sensors fails to receive or transmit signals.

    If the lenses on these sensors are dirty or dusty, the opener may receive a false signal.

    Wiping it down with a gentle, damp towel will assist in resolving the problem.

    Check tracks for dent or misalignment

    If the sensors are working but the garage door still won’t close, make sure the tracks aren’t the problem.

    Tracks are relatively basic components that are easily damaged.

    It is possible that the track will dent once it has been hit by your vehicle or bike.

    When this happens, the door may not work as it should.

    Proper assessment of the tracks by a professional repair technician will aid in fixing the issue.

    Adjust limit settings

    A limit setting on all garage door openers tells them how far they can close.

    As is the case with your garage door opener.

    It may, however, deviate from the initial setting over time.

    Your garage door will not close completely if this happens, leaving a gap at the bottom.

    One way to resolve the problem is to adjust the limit setting.

    To do so, use the owner’s manual as a guide to turn the screws in your opener.

    Check cables for damage

    All garage doors are outfitted with cables that allow them to be raised and lowered.

    Cables may be prone to wear and tear as a result of repeated opening and closing of your door.

    Damaged cables will result in faulty operation.

    That is why routine maintenance is critical.

    Contact a reliable garage door company for garage door cable repair.

    Check for broken garage door springs

    Your garage door heavily relies on springs for smooth operation.

    In fact garage door springs are in charge of all the heavy liftings of a garage door.

    Once broken, springs may cause the door to become misaligned and stuck.

    Since springs are highly pressurized, the best course of action is to ask help from a professional.

    When To Call Garage Door Repair Doctors?

    Is your garage door won’t close all the way? 

    Here’s what you can do.

    Contact Garage Door Repair Doctors for prompt and efficient garage door services.

    We have well-trained and highly-skilled repair specialists who can complete a garage door repair in a safe and efficient manner.

    You don’t have to tackle fixing things on your own!

    Call us right now and let us take care of your problem safely.

    Garage doors are meant to open and close all the way.

    The door should fully go up when you open it so that your car will have sufficient space.

    It’s also vital that the garage door opens entirely so that it won’t slide down and cause injuries and property damages.

    In the same manner, your garage door should also come down and touch the floor.

    If not, there will be a gap on the bottom, and unwanted visitors like to take advantage of that.

    What should you do when your garage door won’t close all the way?

    Find out what you can do in this article.

    If you need professional assistance in Ottawa, contact Garage Door Repair Doctors.

    Our expert and licensed technicians will be happy to help you solve your garage door problems.

    You can call us from Monday to Sunday at any time of the day.

    We’re looking forward to hearing from you.

    Why Isn’t My Garage Door Closing All The Way?

    Usually, your garage door would touch the floor when it’s in a closed position.

    So, it’s frustrating to see a gap when your garage door closes.

    Something’s clearly wrong when your garage door does not close all the way.

    You must determine what the issue is to solve it effectively.

    Garage door won’t close all the way? Here’s what you can do.

    Adjust and Clean the Sensors

    The first thing you need to check is the sensors.

    They should be clean and properly aligned.

    If not, then you can expect your garage door to malfunction.

    All you need is a clean microfibre towel and a mild dish soap to clean the sensors.

    Ensure that no dirt and grime are on them, so they will not think something’s on the driveway.

    This is one reason why your garage door doesn’t close properly and goes back up.

    At the same time, you must reposition the sensors so that both of them are even and properly aligned.

    Replace damaged sensors with new ones to ensure your safety.

    Adjust the Garage Door Tracks

    Misaligned tracks can prevent your garage door from going all the way down.

    The door will have difficulty traversing the tracks since some areas are narrower than others.

    You can see if your garage door tracks are aligned through ocular inspection.

    You’ll also notice a grinding sound coming from your garage door as it moves.

    More importantly, you’ll see a gap at the bottom of your garage door as a result of damaged or misaligned tracks.

    To remedy the issue, unscrew the screws holding the tracks and adjust the position of the tracks.

    Secure the screws back once you’re done adjusting.

    Adjust the Close Limit Settings

    Another reason why your garage door doesn’t close all the way is the close limit setting.

    This is usually the case when your garage door stops near the ground and doesn’t retract.

    Limit switches tell the garage door when to stop as it opens and closes.

    Your close limit is possibly not appropriately set such that the door will touch the floor.

    If so, don’t worry because it’s easy to adjust them.

    Look for the limit switch on your garage door opener and locate the adjustment screw labeled “down.”

    Turn the screw with a screwdriver in small increments until the door touches the rubber seal on the floor.

    Repair your Garage Door Remote

    The garage door opener remote could also cause your garage door not to close fully.

    Its battery may have run out of juice, or it requires reprogramming.

    Replace the battery with a new one and reprogram your remote if necessary.

    Your garage door opener should function properly afterward, and your door should come down.


    Any irregularity in the operation of your garage door is alarming and frustrating.

    This is especially true if your garage door won’t close all the way.

    It will put your safety and security at risk.

    Moreover, unwanted pests like rats and roaches could enter the gap at the bottom of your garage door.

    Contact Garage Door Repair Doctors to help you deal with the problem.

    We have a team of licensed technicians who can provide you with prompt garage door repairs.

    Book an appointment with us in Ottawa now!


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