Garage Door Roller Getting Stuck?

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    Garage Door Roller Getting Stuck

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    Your garage door is among the parts of your home, which you use daily.

    Whether you’re off to work or just dropping the kids at their school, as long as you will be using the car, you will have to make use of the garage door.

    And since your garage door is an essential part of your home, you must keep it in good condition.

    That way, you can expect optimum performance from your garage door for a long time.

    Among the considerations of installing a garage door is the safety of your home and family.

    Some homeowners also consider convenience.

    So if you are a busy person who is always on the go, an automatic garage door can help you out with your hustle and bustle.

    But if your garage door suddenly won’t budge or stops working, it’s the last thing from being convenient.

    It’s stressful to deal with a broken garage door.

    Your safety and security are also compromised when your garage door is broken.

    How can you rely on a garage door that is not properly working?

    There are many reasons why your garage door stopped working all of a sudden.

    If your garage door stopped working, check if there are some issues in some of the parts.

    A garage door requires meticulous maintenance.

    If you are not conducting maintenance to your garage door, chances are there are some parts and gears that are not in excellent condition.

    Why is my garage door stuck?

    Some of the common scenarios of a garage door with maintenance issues include a stuck garage door open halfway.

    If such were the case, what you can do is inspect it.

    You may not be an expert, but you can look for some parts of the door which are out of place.

    When diagnosing the garage door, keep in mind that you should be doing this step while the door is closed.

    That way, you can prevent accidents and injuries from happening.

    Disengage the trolley from the door; you can do this by pulling on the emergency release cord.

    Check the rollers of your garage door

    If the problem is with the rollers, it is mostly indicated by weird popping and clicking noises.

    A well-maintained garage door should be making little to no noise at all.

    Another indication is if your rollers are noticeably visible damages or deterioration.

    What do garage door rollers do?

    Technically speaking, the rollers are the wheels attached to the metal tracks of the garage door.

    And these wheels are responsible for opening and closing of your garage door.

    It has to operate smoothly and with minimal struggle.

    When opening, the rollers slide up to the metal tracks, and when you shut the door close, the rollers retract and slide back down.

    Aside from the wheels, the garage door rollers are also composed of a metal rod.

    Since the rollers are often in use, particularly when you open and close the garage door, it’s crucial that you lubricate it often with lithium-based lubricant.

    You should also pay attention if the wheels are off the track; if they are off track, it will be difficult for the rollers to open without jerking or making unnecessary noise.

    Choosing a replacement

    There are many types of garage door rollers, and the difference depends on the quality and costs.

    It is recommended that you opt for quality rollers that have ball bearings.

    The ball bearings attached to the wheels reduce the friction whenever the door slides up or down.

    It separates the wheel itself from the stationary axel.

    Rollers such as the ones made out of plastic and nylon don’t have ball bearings.

    The best option out there is steel rollers since they can support more weight, making them the smarter choice.

    Remember, when homeowners conduct proper maintenance, you can preserve the lifespan of your rollers for up to 15 to 20 years.

    In case you notice something wrong with your garage door, whether there’s a visible deterioration or a change in the performance, it’s best to book for an appointment with a professional garage door technician.

    Garage Doc Door is a reputable garage door company that offers their tune-up, repair, and installation services in Ottawa.

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