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    Garage Door Making Noise

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    Garage Door Making Noise – There are many advantages a homeowner can get from installing a modern and automatic overhead garage door.

    Many people who live in older homes opted to relace their clanky and noisy manual garage doors.

    And it’s also a wise choice since it is not only upgrading an essential part of your home.

    Installing an automatic garage door is also an investment that increases the fair market value of your house.

    So in the future, if your family decides to sell your beloved home, you sure will be getting it for a competitive price.

    But with all the benefits and perks of installing a modern garage door, it is no wonder that maintaining it is imperative that you conduct a routine inspection and annual maintenance.

    That way, you can expect your garage door in its optimum performance.

    However, some homeowners tend to disregard maintaining their garage doors.

    So long as their garage doors can open and shut close, these homeowners are pretty much good to go.

    But disregarding maintenance can cause detrimental effects on your garage door.

    With the intricate engineering employed in crafting a garage door, it is a given that the inner workings can be a bit intimidating.

    But this should not hinder you from providing maintenance to your garage door–gearhead or not.

    Because if you skip the maintenance, you can end up with a noisy garage door.

    Why is my garage door making noise?

    It’s been established that a garage door should work smoothly.

    It should not struggle and produce unnecessary noises when operating.

    But some circumstances lead to garage doors making noises.

    So if you ever hear some banging, popping, clinking, slapping, rattling, or scraping on your garage door, you must attend to it immediately.

    Don’t wait for your garage door to be in a worse state before you take a look into it and have it fixed.

    If your garage door is making noises, it may be caused by the following:

    • Off-balanced garage door
    • Loose nuts and bolts
    • Old garage door
    • Garage door in poor condition
    • Ordinary wear and tear of rollers
    • Unlubricated garage door hinges and rollers

    Off-balanced garage door

    If your garage door produces noise whenever you attempt opening it, you may want to look at the garage door tracks.

    If your garage door is off-balanced, the chances are that your door produces louder noises.

    Loose nuts and bolts

    Due to everyday use, some parts may come off or loose, especially if you have been using your garage door for quite some time now.

    If such were the case, your garage door would produce screeching noise.

    Don’t worry; just tighten these loose screws, nuts, and bolts.

    Make sure you include this step when conducting annual maintenance.

    Old garage door

    Among the most common reasons why your garage door is making noise is that it’s already old.

    While some garage doors had maintained its excellent condition, some are damaged and deteriorated.

    Consider a garage door tune-up or a replacement.

    Garage door in poor condition

    Proper maintenance can preserve your garage door in good condition.

    It has been highlighted enough in this article that being able to use your garage door is not enough.

    What you need to do is to preserve and maintain it.

    Ordinary wear and tear of rollers

    Because they are made of durable and sturdy materials, garage doors are designed to last for a long time.

    But if you use your garage door more often than other homeowners, you can expect that breakage and damage can occur earlier.

    Damage due to wear and tear is expected.

    The rollers and other metallic parts can become rusty, making it hard for the door to operate smoothly.

    Unlubricated garage door hinges and rollers

    If your garage door is making a squeaky noise whenever you open and close it, you may want to inspect the hinges, rollers, and other moving parts.

    If you have not lubricated the same, rust might have built on these parts.

    Apply a spray lubricant to help the hinges and rollers function smoothly.

    To sum it all up, maintenance, including regular inspection and lubrication, can help preserve your garage door.

    You can also expect your garage door to operate quietly.

    If you tried the troubleshooting tips, but your garage door is still making noise, contact Garage Doc Door for quality garage door repair, tune-up, replacement, and installation.

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