Garage Door Making Banging Noise When Opening

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    Garage Door Making Banging Noise When Opening

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    When your garage door is making a noise, there is something wrong with it.

    There could be various underlying reasons why.

    A noisy garage door can be annoying sometimes, however, do not ignore such noise.

    It could be an indication of a problem that tears your garage door on the inside, and if you miss it now, it will probably cost you a lot of money later.

    The best choice you have is to repair and fix the damage that is causing the noise.

    It is better to catch it early on than later.

    A problem like this may require assistance from a garage door technician; however, you can do it on your own if it does not require complex technical skills.

    Our garage door repair company here in Ottawa provides you with a guide that we think may lessen the noise your garage door or overhead door is making.

    Below are the simple procedures you can follow.

    Check The Hinges Of Your Garage Door

    Hinges are the part that flexes and bends whenever you open your door.

    This part is also among the factors that are worn-out easily due to excessive use.

    Look at your hinges closely and determine what is wrong with it.

    Your hinges may have dust or metal fillings forming around it that could hinder its function.

    If you see anything, it is better to contact our garage door repair team to fix it for you.

    Do not try to remove or replace the hinges on your own.

    Any sudden or wrong movement may cause the door to fall and harm you.

    The only thing you can do to secure the hinges is by ensuring the hinges connect to the door, and the roller bolt is perpendicular to the track.

    You can also tighten any loose bolts. Another thing you can do is lubricate your hinges.

    Wear gloves to protect your hands from chemicals.

    Inspecting The Tracks And Rollers

    One of your garage door parts that may be causing the noise is the track and rollers.

    To check what is wrong with it, open your garage door and inspect both sides of the door for any debris, metal fillings, dust, or stones that could impair its function.

    Also, try to look closely at the rollers and watch out for any flat areas.

    Your rollers must be round.

    If you notice any extreme damage, do not attempt to fix it on your own.

    Call our garage door repair team for assistance.

    However, if you think the injuries are minor, you can lubricate both the tracks and rollers.

    Clean the spots that are not tidy. And be sure to spray lubricant all around the area.

    If an oil does not work, considering calling our company to replace the track or rollers for you.

    Repairing or Replacing Your Torsion Springs

    Torsion springs are a common feature of garage doors or overhead doors, and they are also one of the features that create a noise when it is wearing out or breaking down.

    Springs help in opening the door, but due to it being used regularly, the springs can lock and prevent the door from opening, causing the garage door to make a banging sound.

    The thing that could help this problem is merely putting oil for its lubrication and wipe them dry with a clean cloth.

    Remember, you can try to adjust the minor problems in your springs.

    However, please do not do it without supervision from a skilled or knowledgeable person.

    If you have a manual on how to fix broken springs, be sure to follow it accurately.

    If your door is still creating noises, we highly recommend you to call our garage door repair team to check out what is causing it.

    Regular Maintenance Check Are Necessary

    Your garage door or overhead door needs to be checked regularly.

    Take note that lubrication should happen every other month.

    If your door still makes noise after fixing, consider replacing your garage door with a new one.

    Our garage door team can make it happen for you.

    Moreover, you can consider installing insulators to reduce the garage door noise.

    If you have enough budget in place, you can call our garage door team to maintain your garage door or overhead doors.

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