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    Whether your garage door is failing to close or your switches aren’t functional - we’ve got it covered.

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    Is your automated door unresponsive or slow?

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    Old or damaged cables can be dangerous. Regain your peace of mind.

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    If your door isn’t flush, it needs adjusting. Let us take care of it.


    I went to them to install safety sensors on our garage door. The serviceman was friendly and helpful. He saw to it that I was given all the information I needed, and wouldn’t mind doing the small requests I asked him. I highly recommend them. They’re the best in town!
    Michael Warren
    These guys are always fast, prompt and courteous! They were here and gone within 3 hours of my call. You won't go wrong using Precision for your garage door issues!
    Christina Mills
    Highly recommend and very satisfied with service provided! These guys were very knowledgeable and able to identify / remedy door issue immediately. Thank you.
    Eric Harbaugh


    Combining good-looks and protection for your home, a garage door is more than a utility – it’s a house feature.

    If your garage door is not functioning as it should or is showing signs or wear, it’s not something that is easily fixed with ordinary tools. Experts agree that it shouldn’t be attempted unless you know the complex inner workings and components of garage doors – like us. It can be hazardous and easily made worse so don’t take a risk. Let our engineers with years of experience and know-how fix your garage door.

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    We’re so much more than just repairs

    Maybe you’ve decided instead of repairing your old manual garage door, that you want to completely replace it with a more modern one. Or, you want a garage door that is better suited for the appearance of your home. In either case, we can advise you on what best suits the exterior design and compliments the overall aesthetic to your property.

    Garage Door Repair Doctor in Ottawa work with the best brands. Partnerships with Amarr, Martin and Cloplay guarantee that the materials used are premium. We have handpicked our suppliers in order to assure our customers that our doors and parts are durable, heavy-duty and long-lasting.

    When it comes to service, there’s simply no better

    We pride ourselves on our workmanship and customer service. We’re not happy until you are. If you’re a residential customer or commercial, our garage doors are bound to add a fresh look, security and value to your property.

    Garage Door Repair Doctor in Ottawa value our customers above all but also our customer’s wallet. Offering an A-class service doesn’t have to come with an A-class price tag. We make it our business to make sure our customers get the best value for their hard-earned money. That’s why we offer warranties on all our doors.

    Get Your Garage Door Fixed Today!

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      How can we help?

      The garage door is one of the properties that we often use, so it is also very likely that it will have a few defects, especially in its parts. This kind of problem for homeowners is inevitable, especially if their garage door is too old. It is usual for old garage doors to have some flaws, especially if it does not have proper maintenance from garage door repair experts.

      As homeowners, it is our responsibility to take care of our garage door and its components. Let’s take immediate action in case we detect something wrong or broken in our garage door. Do not let your garage door continue to operate even if it is damaged because it could endanger your life and that of your family.

      It is also possible that damage to a component will affect the entire garage door if you only allow it to work while it is damaged. If you think your garage door is no longer safe to use, do not endanger your belongings and your life.

      The first thing you should do in case someone feels or sees something wrong with your garage door’s functioning is to find out where it comes from or what causes it.

      If you need a garage door repair or replacement, you can call our garage door repair in Ottawa. Please rely on the expertise of our professional technician and the quality of our product in Ottawa.

      Common Problems of Garage Door that Needs to be Repaired

      Our garage door has various components that he has to play in the garage door’s smooth operation. Due to our frequent use of the garage door, it is possible that its features will be damaged. We do not want that to happen because it will be a significant inconvenience to us and a big expense as well, but such an event is inevitable.

      Some often break down the garage door and its parts. It is vital that we know what is wrong with our garage door and how bad it is so that we see if it needs to be repaired or needs to be replaced.

      1. Noisy garage door
      2. Frozen garage door
      3. Broken glass
      4. Worn-out springs
      5. Faulty garage door opener
      6. Defective auto-reverse feature
      7. Frayed cables
      8. Damaged pulleys
      9. Misaligned rollers and tracks
      10. Worn-out garage door

      These are just some of the issues that can happen to your garage door. The problems mentioned are already in need of repair or replacement. If you are looking for a technician for this type of situation, you can send us a message.

      Worry no more! We got you! Our garage door repair company in Ottawa offers repair to all garage door related problems. We have experienced and highly qualified technicians who can help with your question and Overhead door repair.

      How Much Does it Cost to Repair a Garage Door?

      According to some homeowners, even if they want to have their garage door repaired or replaced, they cannot immediately decide because they know that a large amount of money will be spent on the garage door renovation.

      We cannot deny that repairing it will cost a lot of money, but it is worth it, especially if the products and services you have availed of are of high quality. It is estimated that Overhead door repair costs $ 125 to $ 290, including the materials used here and the labor of the technician. Other services related to other garage door components are priced differently.

      Highly qualified and expert garage door repair technicians in Ottawa have a minimum of $ 85 for their services.

      Trusted Experts

      Our garage door fix services in Ottawa offer a variety of garage door services. We offer garage door installation, improvement, and maintenance. We will make sure you are satisfied with our products and services. Our professional technicians are equipped and have the ability to solve all the problems you have with your garage door. So, if you live in Ottawa or nearby, contact us today!


      Do not try to replace or repair your garage door on your own. Some of the components here are high at risk. It is a dangerous job that only a professional technician can do.